Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Death and Mayhem

Ugh, still sick as a dog.  Getting stuff done at work though.  Have tomorrow off, so I'll get to relax a little bit.  Friday in the office should be relatively quiet.

Here are the horse pills my doctor prescribed me:

Despite my sickness... I still went in to take my Network+ certification exam on Monday, and I passed!!  (Probably because there were no customer service-related questions on it, unlike the A+ certification test.  Although, I did pass that as well, albeit a few years ago.)  I am now certifiably qualified to fix (read: break) network-related computer devices :D

As a part of my celebration, I came home to make 2 pies for work.  I missed Pi day this year, so to make up for it, I decided to bring in pie to work for the upcoming holiday.  Unfortunately, I took no pictures of the homemade-from-scratch strawberry cream pies before they were devoured by everyone at work, but that fact alone should tell you how delicious they were! :)

However, I did take a picture of the apple pie I made Mike on Saturday.  He had told me before he loves Dutch apple pies, so I thought I'd be a wonderful girlfriend and bake him one :)

The topping didn't come out crumbly, but trust me, it tasted just like a Dutch apple pie topping :D  He loved it, so that's all that really matters tho :)  He was super tired after a serving that he went right to sleep!  (Probably also had something to do with the 5-12's he just worked, plus an additional 5 hours on Saturday.)  So tired, he was cuddling with Ayla :)

Ayla's just a little cuddle whore :)

After pie-making on Monday, Potocki and Bugg had me over to play 40k.  It was Bugg (space marines) plus me (dark eldar) against Potocki (tyranids.)  Bugg's strategy of hide-and-wait didn't work, but since it was only my second game, I took his lead.

I should've done what I wanted to do, and run in there guns blazing! :P  Maybe we would've stood a chance.  I did manage to take out his baby maker, tho!  That was super exciting.  Action shots:

I'm buying a Samsung Galaxy S4 tomorrow.  It's about time I get myself a new phone.  Going to buy it outright, even though I'm off contract and could get it subsidized.  I don't want to lose my unlimited data, and even if I went to a new plan (5GB, because I hit 2GB easy), the extra cost per month would end up making the subsidized phone cost more than it does off contract.  Sorry Verizon, you won't be getting me that easily!