Saturday, September 28, 2013

Kill Them to Death

I don't plan on this entry being very long, since there are still things I can't discuss here, but you never know!

Mike and I decided to share the same needle today as we both took a small hit in the WoW addiction department.  I had been clean for so long, too!  He's been jonesing to see if it really is that bad since the Pandaria expansion came out, and I hadn't really played since before Cataclysm had come out (Bobby and I played a pair of characters for a little bit, but only to get to level 85 and then quit.)  I was in the beta for Mists of Pandaria, and had become disappointed in what they were planning on changing, so I had no interest in continuing to play, but I told Mike if he wanted to give it a shot again, I would play with him :)  I think part of him really just wants the collectors edition for the expansion (he has all the others :P )  We shall see how that goes.  We both downloaded 22GB worth of the game to play for a mere hour or so before we crashed my Internet from the massive amount of downloading.  Probably give it some more time tomorrow (we have a week free, thanks to Blizzard emails.)  If it's not terribad, we may end up picking it back up for awhile... anyone still crazy enough to play?

Haven't been playing my New Vegas save.  I really need to get on that.  Also haven't picked up Remember Me in awhile.  Cory has been cycling through games, looking for one for him, Mike, and myself to play together.  So far, this has not been successful.  I have my doubts that it will be until he's willing to actually pay for a game, rather than look only at free-to-play titles :P  With his new baby, and his habitual frugal nature, I don't see that happening any time soon... :P  Civ 5 has been taking up a good deal of my play time recently.  I have an on-going game with Dwyer, and then one I'm playing on my own.  It's definitely not as fun by yourself once you've played on multiplayer.

I've gotten hooked on the show The Newsroom.  It's all thanks to Liz; she had mentioned something that happens at the end of season 2 in one of her Facebook posts awhile back and it piqued my interest.  I watched the first two episodes during lunch breaks, if that gives you any idea as to how curious I was about the show.

Mike and I have finally made it to season 6 of Burn Notice, which is the only season he hasn't yet seen.  I am working on getting him to watch Warehouse 13, but I don't think he will really watch it until we're through Burn Notice.  That shouldn't take too long.  We're also on season 3 of Game of Thrones, but we watch that so infrequently we will probably still be at the same spot we are now in 3 months.

Made my first homemade (veggie!) lasagna!  It turned out awesome :)  Although Mike and I were the only ones eating it, so it lasted for days.

Had a 40k gaming day a few weekends ago with Potocki and Bugg.  We played 2v2 with random point value objectives that we needed to capture.  Lucky for Bugg (Space Marines) and I (Dark Eldar), all the high-value objects were on Mike (Necrons) and Potocki's (Tyrannids) side of the board :(  Bugg dipped out early, leaving me to command his Space Marines and Dark Eldar on my own, so instead of continuing with the game (since there was absolutely no way for me to gain control of enough high-point objectives to win), that the three evil races were going to collectively turn on the Space Marines and take them all out.  It was definitely a fun time :)

Mike took me out to Chomps for lunch.  Apparently, this is the new sports bar that replaced Joe's Place (which I had never been to.)  I ordered a steak and vinaigrette flatbread pizza, and it turned out to be one of the most delicious dishes I have ever eaten in my life.  I scarfed it down so fast it was almost entirely gone before I even thought to document it in picture form :)

 We also did a date night last Saturday.  We went down to Ocala to eat at The Melting Pot :)  Afterward, we returned to Gainesville to take in a late showing of Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.  The food, movie, and company were all amazing! :)  The movie was so good in fact, today we went down to the library to renew/obtain library cards so we can download audio books from the library's website (I wanted to do so in hopes that they have the Mortal Instruments series :) )

I have dragged Mike into another one of my old habits- rockclimbing!  He loves bouldering :D  We went out with Kaitlyn, Chad, and Scott one night and had a blast.  We've been back once since, and we are planning on buying semester passes tomorrow that will last us until the end of this year :)  I'm super excited- it's been too long since I've done rockclimbing on a regular basis.  Unfortunately, I have no pictures of our trips, but I believe Scott has one of my behind up on the wall.

Ayla was so scared during her vet appointment.  It was just a simple check-up (and everything's good, save for her extra half a pound ;P ) but she was so nervous!  She's not normally like that- probably got it from Doc :)

Finally got rid of the kitten pee pee futon!  It stank up my car for a few days :/  Mom bought me a new futon mattress for my birthday, and I love it!!

Mom is currently renovating the master bath of her house.  I'd never known there was so much free space between the bathroom and little office that was on that side of the house!  This is going to be one luxurious bathroom when it's completed :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

He's speaking DRAMONIC!

Had today off from work today to work on my mysterious side project. It's going swimmingly, although I felt kind of meh about it today. Ready for it to be done with. Made me uninterested in even playing video games today, gasp!

Pathfinder is going to end soon. Our DM David has to go back to law school in about 3 more play sessions; means no time to lead our little chucklebutts around. Sigh. My campaign had a little revival game that went well (I think, anyway.) I don't have anything for-sure planned for them, but I definitely have ideas. Could get a little dicey for them (but I'm sure they'd argue it already is all the time.) That is given we can find a time we can all play. Maybe we'll take Friday over once Pathfinder is done?

Speaking of maybes, I've been practicing drawing a bit. Perhaps I'll share some of them here in hopes that they'll cause someone else's eyes to bleed instead of just mine.

My fantasy football team made a whole 51 points this week. Sweet. /sarcasm

Haven't played Remember Me in awhile, and haven't started New Vegas. I probably could've done that today as well. Just feel so mentally exhausted.

Mike has a friend creating an archway above his driveway. Somehow, I didn't feel any more welcome than usual.

 I didn't even know this existed. It was okay, not bad. Would prefer normal Yuengling, or Sam Adams' Oktoberfest.

Relaxing kitten. She's due for her shot updates. I'm sure she'll be excited for that news.

 Sorry this post wasn't very exciting (like they ever are.) Mehhhhh.