Monday, October 28, 2013

Fists of Kitten Fury!

I have been crazy busy as of late!  Got a job offer from a web development government contractor in Knoxville, TN... and I took it! :)  They wanted me ASAP, so I've been getting everything in order in short time.

Been going through all my things, packing and what not.  Getting rid of the things I don't need, donating some stuff to others.  However, it still feels like I have way too much stuff -_-;;  Makes me feel like a pack rat.  Most of the boxes I've filled are video games, DVDs, gaming systems, books... a couple smaller boxes are just little knick knacks, figurines that I have up on shelves.  Stuff I don't really need, I suppose... makes me want to leave the boxes behind since they aren't necessities.  But they're just little things... ack!  I guess we'll really see how everything goes once the pod arrives on Thursday for me to pack everything in.  I'm hoping things go swimmingly (much like most everything has thus far *KNOCK ON WOOD.*)  Wanted to go with the moving service that Topher used for his recent move, but their quote for me was about 1k$ too much for me (apparently because they can't bring their truck to my street, they'd have to "shuttle" all of my stuff to their truck... whatever!)

Tore down the gaming wallpaper in the second bedroom *sigh!*  It's all painted again.  Oh well :P

Going to be renting my condo out using a management service.  I don't really have time to take care of it myself, and I wouldn't feel right doing it all on my own anyway.  Why not leave it in the hands of professionals?

Already have the apartment in Knoxville picked out, and my application was accepted!  Super excited! :)

Really looking forward to having my two kitties in the car for an 8 and a half hour drive.  Especially Ayla... the crier... hopefully she cries herself to sleep, or relaxes after awhile.  We shall see!

Been too busy to really acknowledge the emotions I've been going through.  I go from excited, to anxious, to nervous, to thrilled, to upset, to uber happy, to scared, and all back around again every so often. So many things going on at once!  All-in-all, I am really excited for my new adventure :D

Haven't had much time to play anything, but Mike and I did hop in Terraria with Cory last night for a bit.  The Halloween content is up, and the monsters have been dropping a bunch of costumes :)  We also pushed our game (on accident) into hard mode.  Time for some new fancy updated loot!  I did get into some Terraria today, and found some new stuff from the update :D  Have also gotten on Twitch.TV, but I'm not sure if my sound works.  Kind of hard to watch my channel and broadcast at the same time.  Watch me sometime! :D

Apparently, the Rift server Mike and I have been playing on (Necropolis) was merged with Seastone (my old server.)  What a coincidence!  Haven't had the time to play any of the Fall Festival content :(

Wondering if Mike and I should get back into Rift, or maybe even WoW, while we're in different cities... Cory did mention wanting to play WoW again, so maybe he'd play with us, too.  Don't know if I could do the subscription fee right after moving, tho.