Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mario's Disenheartening at 6:30

I've been really terrible at this blogging thing. Not that I haven't been getting myself into things, or that I've been to busy, just haven't made myself sit down and do it. As a result, this entry may be jumbled... so yay!
I had a fantastic Thanksgiving, despite not heading home for the holiday. One of my coworkers invited me over to his family's house for dinner. They cooked 2 turkeys even though there were only 9 of us, and there were plenty of fixings to go around! :) He (Darrin) and his wife sent me home with 4 huge tupperware containers full of food. They're awesome people!

After being apart for a month, Mike and I had last week to spend together. He came up to Knoxville late last Friday night (not this past Friday.) We went to my company's Christmas party, played video games together, went out to eat, and then Monday morning we left for Wisconsin. The thermometer gage on my car slowly went down from a lovely mid 50's temperature, to freezing, to a balmy 1 by the time we arrived at the Grand Geneva in Lake Geneva. I was worried there wouldn't be any snow (per weather reports), but that had all changed. Nature's icing was everywhere :D Mike had never seen snow before, but I think I was far more excited than he was.

Because the temperature would regularly dip below zero, we didn't spend much time outdoors. Besides, there wasn't much to peruse in the metropolis that was Lake Geneva anyway. We did go up to Two Rivers to visit with my Grandma and her boyfriend, and they took us out to a lovely, delicious dinner where I was convinced to enjoy a beer sampler. Terrible influencers!
I woke up with a cold Thursday morning at Grandma's, which meant I wasn't up for touring Milwaukee :( Also meant that we decided to return to Knoxville on Friday, instead of Saturday as previously planned. Still had a great time tho :)

Knoxville has been a very welcoming place to live thus far. My first month has been almost nothing but awesome, and my new job has definitely been pushing the developer knowledge I have (very challenging!) It's been good tho :) Been out to dinner and around town with several of my coworkers already, so they are definitely fun people to hang out with.

Received my last GRU bill for my condo for the month that it was vacant, and the water usage was crazy high. Normally, I would use around 4kgal, and it listed my bill as having used 24kgal... but no one was there! Of course, it's nearly impossible to get through to GRU over the phone, so Mike was kind enough to stop by and check my water meter. It appears as though it was horribly misread. Hopefully, I can get through to them, because they don't deserve double my normal bill for a vacant condo!

Against all odds and my dislikes of these two video game series, I have started playing Assassins's Creed Brotherhood and Mass Effect 2. So far, the latter is much more entertaining than the former. I also borrowed GTA V from my officemate, Chris, and have been tooling around with that. Luckily for me, I was selected to participate in the Hearthstone beta. I'm so far absolutely terrible at it, but it's quite simple to learn, fast-paced, and fun. And speaking of betas, there's another game I've been testing, but I don't think that I will be anymore... it's just not what I would hope for :/

I am intending on returning to Gainesville next week for Christmas, so long as my boss allows me to work remotely for 2 of those days. Still have to check with her. I'll also be bringing the kittens along, so I'm sure they're looking forward to another road trip!

I had a slice of the most delicious red velvet cake I've ever had today. I must find this Linton's, and eat moar cake!