Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Omm Shews

Had a pretty great Christmas :) The drive down after work on Tuesday wasn't too bad. The kitties slept most of the way until about an hour and a half from Gainesville. When I arrived at Mike's around 11 at night, he had chocolate fondue set up for me as an anniversary dessert, since our one-year anniversary had been the day before. Was very sweet :)  He even had a variety of dipping items, including cheddar cheese, which I don't think he expected me to actually use :D

We went over to my parents' house for Christmas the next morning. I don't think Mike expected to make out like a bandit, but my Mom wasn't going to not get him Christmas presents :) I had gotten him a replica of Altair's sword, the #6 Dragonball, and a functioning Nerf gun painted to resemble a gun from Mass Effect. I also had a pair of dog tags made for us, one for each of us to wear :) I ended up getting a second monitor for my desktop computer (finally, yay!), some floating shelves, a Korean style hoodie, and Lego Marvel Heroes :D I brought the kittens over to enjoy the festivities, but Ayla decided to hide behind the couch for all 5 hours. We enjoyed a huge Christmas lunch, and Mike and I returned to his house to spend what ended up being the most time with him I would get to spend the rest of my vacation.

Thursday and Friday, Mike and I both had to work, I just did so remotely from his house. I did get to go out to lunch with him and Dwyer on Thursday, and then Dave and Tina at Bentos on Friday, but otherwise I was stuck at the house coding. We were (and still are) buckling down to get this site done. Even after Mike got home from work, I spent most of my time working while he finished Assassin's Creed IV.

Friday night, after going rockclimbing, Mike cooked steaks for us, and we watched my Christmas movie (Love Actually) together :) That was definitely a nice time :D

Saturday I had some more work to do, but I did get to meet Matt and Liz out at Burrito Bros with Mike for lunch :) Woo! Got to see great people and accomplished my three Gainesville visit requirements.

Dinner Saturday night was "new years eve" with my family, since I wasn't going to be there tonight. Had our delicious yearly tradition of King crab legs and beef tenderloin :D Also played a fun game of Big Bertha!

Sunday I got my things together, spent a little bit of time with Mike playing Terraria together, and then headed home to Knoxville. Only took me 7 and a half hours to get back with 2 stops for gas. Atlanta was a bit trafficy, but that's normal. Cats were excited to be home, I'm sure. They both were super quiet on the way back. Maybe they're getting used to the traveling? :)

Mike and I reinstated our WoW accounts last night. Didn't play for long, but I'm already 85 and we're in Pandaland! Probably what I'll be doing tonight... and tomorrow XD