Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ready to go at noon!

So officially GRU won't be doing anything about my last water bill for my condo (surprise there.) Someone must've seen the For Rent sign and used one of my outside water connections while it was vacant. Damn old people neighbors. Oh well. I'm thankful it's not a water leak. I'd rather pay the nearly $200 water bill than have to pay to have my floor torn up to have a pipe replaced again. Nothx.

I got the okay from my boss to work remotely next Thursday and Friday, so I'll be able to go to Gainesville for Christmas :) There are 2 things I must do while there: rock climb because I still have a membership until January, and eat at Bentos or Chopstix because thus far there exists no similar restaurant in Knoxville that I've found or my coworkers have been able to point out for me.

Went out to the bar down the street last night with coworker Chris and his girlfriend Lindsey. Not the first time, but this time some of his friends showed up, including 2 nerdier than him! Michael (yay more Michaels...) and Matt, who I believe are roommates, both have participated in DnD games before, and mentioned wanting to get into a Shadowrun game! OMM YAY NERD STUFF! I told them to keep me in the loop if a table top game of any kind is being assimilated. I need my fix so bad! Stupid Chance not wanting to let me play via Skype :( They just lost a player, too. I think that makes it a 4 player party, which means I could help round it out! ;D

Steam Christmas sales ahoy! Although I haven't bought anything yet. My wishlist is nearly entirely on sale however, so if none of those go on a crazier sale before January 2nd, I'll probably be picking up a few of them. It's hard to resist when most are only around $5 a piece or less.