Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A woosh and a twinkle

Ugh sick and awake way too early.

A local chiropractor came to the office a couple weeks back to do a presentation on sitting properly. As a result, I decided to take am active approach and get myself into a better posture. I began sitting up straight at work, where normally I have to have my legs up in some fashion. Also, I purchased an exercise ball to (mostly) replace my computer chair at home. At first I could only sit on it for a half hour or so at a time, now I could sit on it for hours with no issue. Does a wonder on my sinuses while I'm sick, too!

At the end of his presentation, he handed out coupons for a free consultation, x-rays, and an adjustment if needed. I took him up on this offer this past week. I've always had issues with my lower back. Whenever I would get a massage it would feel as thought something needed to pop, but never would. It just feels like a rock. He concurred, but also said my shoulders are super tense, probably more so than my back, although I've never really noticed. After a couple x-rays he adjusted my spine, which was really scary at first (I don't like even cracking my knuckles), but it was fine. He said I did a good job of relaxing despite my initial fear, so I guess that's good.

I had a follow-up appointment for Monday to review the x-rays that I ended up having to move because Sunday was my onset of a minor flu bug. I say minor because I feel like 2012 flu was worse, but it could have been partially because I was entirely unprepared for how it was going to feel and how I was supposed to react. As soon as I felt symptoms coming on I started flooding my body with fluids, and during my vertigo episodes I would just lay on the floor wherever I was. Got through the first night with little issue, although it was still shit. Never really knew why people who lived in houses with stairs before complained that it was no fun when you're sick, until Sunday night. To get to water or juice required me to literally drag myself down and up stairs, which made me very thankful that I have a mini fridge upstairs so I only had to make that trip once.

Monday was spent in bed watching movies on a laptop (I usually can't sleep while sick.) Yesterday I managed to work from bed for a full day, however how good my code was our how productive I may have been may be questionable :P Today, I originally planned to go into the office for at least the morning half, but with the foretold onset of snow starting around 9am I think I shall once again remain at home. Lest I be stranded sick at work.

Besides, I can barely breathe right now, I probably shouldn't be out in freezing weather.

Mike is supposed to be heading out today after he gets off from work, which is when is supposed to start raining in Florida. Rain and snow the whole drive :/ I'm really worried, I hope he stays super safe.