Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Flu You

Noooooo. I always ask for snow, I dream of snow, and then when Mother Nature decides to grant my wish, it's the night Mike is supposed to be driving up to visit :( If it were just a little bit of snow, it wouldn't be a big deal, but apparently there's some crazy ice storm going through Georgia. As much as I want him to be here, I'd rather he be safe. Which means he'll most likely not be leaving until tomorrow morning. Sigh.

Something of his arrived for me today though- flowers! :D A whole bouquet of tulips. He's so sweet!

My fever has dissipated, however the sore throat has set in alongside my terrible sinus pressure/stuffiness. My boss and several of my coworkers have been awesome- checking up on me and seeing if I need anything, even offering to pick up stuff for me or drive me to a clinic (before when I had a fever.) I love working as a part of this team :D