Monday, February 24, 2014

Virtue in a name

I requested my medical records be sent to an orthopedic clinic for review, and the chiropractor's office still haven't faxed them over. Every time I call it's "oh, yes, we'll do that right now!" Blarg.

Mike's birthday was Saturday (happy birthday, love!) and it sucks that I wasn't able to be in town to hang out with him. It sounded like he had a good time out with his twin and some friends though :) He had just been here visiting me, so instead of using time off now to go see him, I figured it'd be best to wait a bit.

I had an amazing time while he was here. Unfortunately, he was a day late because of an ice storm that swept through Atlanta last Wednesday morning :( It wouldn't have been safe for him to drive, so he waited until early Thursday morning to head out. He made it safe and sound in the afternoon, despite a small patch of ice on a bridge he came across during his drive. Friday was Valentine's Day, and he had special dinner plans for us :D Took me out to Flemings, a gorgeous steakhouse. They had an amuse bouche, so you know that's a fancy place! Made me feel like a real princess :D Unfortunately, I was still recovering from the flu, so I had massive nasal issues, but managed to push through and really enjoyed myself :)

That Monday morning, Mike had an interview for a local job, and it went really well! Hopefully he'll hear good things from them soon :D I figure if it's not too far off, I'll be able to come visit and help facilitate the move and everything. He then had to leave early Tuesday morning :(

We're coming up on four months now of this long distance relationship. We spend plenty of time on Skype and playing games together, but it's still no replacement for even sitting on a couch next to one another. There's so many places to see and things to do here, and I want to experience it all with him. I miss him more with every passing day.