Sunday, April 13, 2014

Monochromatic Magic

I finally taught myself how to crochet! It's not as terribly difficult as I was expecting. Made my first cowl, too. Just in time for summer weather ;P

I didn't keep tension proper throughout, I don't think. Which made one end come out smaller than the other. Kind of a cool effect, perhaps? Depending on which way one would wear it, I suppose. Especially if you are going for the dog cone look :)

Looking forward to taking this skill to the amigurimi level :D I always thought it'd be fun to make various little creatures for people as gifts. I have only ever made one successfully, and that was a Mog for Kaitlyn years ago. That was also knit rather than crochet. I think this will be my first venture :)

Mike and I have picked TORMMO (aka SWTOR) back up again, just to experience the Republic side of the main quest line. I'm quite disappointed in what they've done to the game since turning it F2P. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate being able to go through alternative story lines without having to pay to play, but instead of using the subscription portion of the system to encourage free players to pay they punish you repeatedly.

You enter a cantina? An intrusive message splashes across your screen, "ONLY SUBSCRIBED PLAYERS EARN RESTED EXPERIENCE." You hit level 20? Every time you complete a quest they notify you that you are earning experience at a reduced rate. Loot or earn an epic quality item? Guess what, you can't wear it. Oh, and I hope you don't want to be able to afford any of your skills, including mount training (which subscribers get 10 levels earlier- they don't let you forget!), because any credit box quest reward is withheld. You can't even have 3 professions! They limit you to 2.

Rather than making it enticing to pay to play (like Rift), it's terribly more frustrating. Instead of going "oh yeah, I think I like this enough to pay for it", I get the feeling I'll be so irritated with the game I'll quit instead of continue onward.

So I finally found a reusable K-cup that I can use in my Keurig. I don't have one of those fancy newer machines, so the traditional reusable K-cup that everyone mentions doesn't work with my machine. I've got an old Mr. Coffee model that isn't produced anymore. However, I have a feeling that my Keurig is finally dying :( It gets super hot, melts half the top of traditional K-cups sometimes, and makes my coffee taste like plastic. Sigh. At least it was something Mom won forever ago. I think I'm going to pick up a small 4-cup traditional drip brewer at Walmart today. At least I can still use my reusable K-cup with the Keurig at work. Money not wasted, woo!

Went out with work peeps for drinks Friday night. Made our way to a little secret speakeasy in the downtown area called Peter Kerns Library. Was really small, but awesome! Their menus were glued to the inside of encyclopedia volumes, and every drink was categorized into different book genres, and named after a variety of characters. This was the most appreciated by me :)

It's spring time, right outside my porch!

Random kitten shots (it's been awhile, right?)