Monday, April 28, 2014

Way to go, cupcake!

My little Cthulhu man is complete!

He wasn't nearly as difficult as I was expecting, considering it's my second crochet project ever. I must say I love crocheting techniques (maybe more than knitting..!) Have to come up with my next project :)

Had lunch outside on this gorgeous lake one day last week. I love it here :)

This past Saturday night there was a fundraising event going on in Oak Ridge. Two people from my office were unable to go, so they were giving away their tickets. I quickly snatched them up, since I already had plans to hang out with Michelle I thought it'd be something fun we could go to together. Met up at her house beforehand to get ready. Anyone who knows me (all 2 of you reading this blog), knows I'm not a particularly girly-girl. I've never "done-up" my hair, and I definitely never wear makeup (unless it's Halloween, and even then it's been years.) Michelle took this opportunity to be the "master of all girl things" for the night, and we went through the works! She took me through curling my hair, and putting on make-up from base, to eye shadow stuff, and even to mascara. It was quite the learning experience :D

Photo for proof!

We had a blast hanging out. The fundraiser was pretty neat. Played a little roulette, ate some good food, and even participated in the silent auction (aka bidding on bottles of wine for a mere $5!) Afterward, we headed back to her place to enjoy some random television shows. It's crazy to find someone else who watches some of the same junk TV that I do!

Landed a beta spot for Wildstar this weekend as well. My cousin Kyle hadn't been too terribly excited over it when he was in beta a few weekends ago, so I wasn't expecting much. However, I am so glad that I got the opportunity to play... I love it! The styling pulled me in immediately- it's very Torchlight 2 / Ratchet and Clank. Within the first 10 minutes of me playing, there was a Warehouse 13 reference. I mean come on! How can I not love this?

The classes are fun and varied, gave each one a shot until level 5-ish. My favourites were spell slinger (kind of like a dual pistol-wielding sharpshooter) and the stalker (rogue.) Warrior would most likely be a close third. The esper (mage), medic (gunning healer), and engineer (assault guns) were okay, but not the best. On top of selecting a class, you also get to pick from one of four paths (settler, soldier, scientist, and explorer.) These offer you additional quests and objectives as you travel around. They also allow you to unlock different environment-manipulating options. For example, settlers can raise different buffing stations and NPCs like vendors in random locations. Scientists are able to unlock secret doors that normally lead to lore items. The variety in the classes and paths is a nice change. They seemed to have done a number over on professions, as well. The system, from what little I saw, was unlike any other game's I've seen thus far; particularly with cooking.

Outside of the Warehouse 13 reference, the scripting and voice acting in general is hilarious. The game doesn't take itself seriously, and it's perfect for me in that aspect. The first level-up congratulations took me by surprise: "Oh shi-, you leveled up! Way to go, cupcake!" So awesome :)

So, I enjoyed my little bit of time in the beta so much, I went to Gamestop yesterday and pre-ordered it. w00t! :)

Deadlight is free on XBox for Gold users this month. GO GET IT.