Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The one about rats

Finished my costume on Saturday! Dark blue werewolf complete with a hooded scarf with ears, furry legs, tail, and a mask I probably won't wear. Also have had a pair of old jeans lying around with a huge tear through one of the knees; having been kept for the purpose of being converted into shorts, I finally cut them up. Figured it'd go better with the costume than long jeans (plus, unless it's chilly, I will most likely melt.)

The unfinished "scood."


Meh mask.

Tail! I think I made it a little stiff :/

The kittens were never particularly helpful.

Super excited for Are You A Werewolf this weekend!! Can't wait to accuse some bitches :) Although, since I'll be showing up as a werewolf, I most likely won't last very long :d

The Monday night game has been going well. Last night, we fought some sort of crazy trampling devil hippo and primal magma dragon o.O Our android (Balo) fell into the lava :( ... and emerged a crazy Japanese gigantic-laser-shooting mech! :D The vampire ranger (Sara) and I were able to do fairly consistent damage each round to the bosses, so we didn't feel completely useless :) Even despite the barbarian (Felix) and his crazy 170+ damage hits.

PFS has been fun. Really love hanging out with tons of other nerdy people and getting my geek on :) My barbarian is still level 3, but I was a little worried I might end up leveling her too fast, since several of the mods give you a full level instead of 1/3rd. Going to build a Sacred Fist Warpriest as an alternate character. Probably need to make that happen before Saturday, if I'm going to play her.

My birthday is coming up... the big 3-0! Really excited :D Not sure what I want to do for it yet. I start class the Monday before, so I probably won't make it to Florida that weekend. I'll need to go sometime soon, or Mom will not be happy with me :d Thinking about seeing if people want to go do dinner and a movie that Tuesday, then maybe bar hopping on Friday or Saturday?? I should just take the entire month of October and use it for my own personal birthday :D

Got myself an invite to Ello. @sanluyene, although I'm sure I won't post anything terribly exciting there, considering I don't post often to Facebook, and we all know it's never very relevant to anything XD

WTF Applebee's!? What food do you serve that could possibly worth $400?