Sunday, October 19, 2014

Kimabetical Order

Sooooooo... big reason I haven't posted lately, Mike and I broke up.

I couldn't take it anymore; all of the pain and depression only increasing over the months. It got to the point where we were both so complacent with the negativity that a decision needed to be made. At the moment, we aren't talking, and I have the feeling he's not going to want to be friends with me (which I totally understand.) I'm sure everything will be all the awkward in April (sorry Kristin) :/

In other sad news, Danielle's puppy Tara passed away this weekend. She was adorable, and will not be forgotten.

Since my last post, I've been fairly busy over the weekends. Lots of nerd stuff going on. There was an Are You a Werewolf night in which the werewolves nearly steam-rolled every game. I was also a wolf 3 times! Was pretty awesome, considering I hadn't been one before. Dyed my hair blue to correspond with my alchemist werewolf costume :)

Went to a miniatures painting day at Level Up during which I painted my Warpriest and attempted to paint my Barbarian. Never had worked with a Bones mini before though, and I had basecoat sprayed her beforehand... Unfortunately this was a mistake. Apparently you don't need to do that with that type of plastic. Basically, I ruined the mini :/ Will need to pick up a new one at some point.

Started my sketching class last Monday. Means I'm missing out on the home game, but Cullyn has a plan for my character to do some solo side mission stuff. So that should be fun. The class seems like it'll be interesting. We went over this style I had never considered before, and apparently it's one every drawer should know: contour. It was an interesting way of looking at your subject and translating it onto paper. Definitely looking forward to learning more.

Went to the Brewers' Jam festival yesterday. Much like the Brewfest I went to a few months ago, but bigger and better laid out. I also did not let myself get too crazy drunk. However, it was totally mine and another's (Boats) birthdays, so we got sung to :) I also wore one of Franciel's top hats that she made for her daughter's quinceanera. Everyone else wanted it, and I think it made its way around the group. Be jealous :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014