Saturday, November 29, 2014

Bedazzling Not Included

What a fantabulous week! 

Friday night I went out drinking with Crystal and Teresa. Was a great time! Ended up at Doc's in the early morning hours enjoying a live ska band. Definitely going to have to do that again!

I joined in on Hunter's restart of his home game Saturday night. I've created a tiny, familiar-sized clockwork angel arcanist :) Her backstory is basically she grew up a little human girl, allergic to animals, and never able to have a familiar of her own. Once magically trained, once a bit older, she took up an apprenticeship under a crazy smart, item-creating, and golem-building wizard. Decided one day that she was going to build her own familiar! Only… she didn't really know what she was doing, and ended up trapping her own soul in the body of the familiar she had amatuerly built. Sounds terrible, but I'm a construct! Which has been one of my goals to accomplish since I started playing DnD :)

Sunday was the traditional PFS game, but I was the "talker" for the party for once o.O Craziness! Especially considering none of my character have charisma… but I played with 2 relatively inexperienced players, so it was definitely different for me :) Still fun! We saved the day and whatnot!

Later that night, headed to Temple with Hunter, Bradd, and Sara to enjoy a Powerman 5000 concert! Have never gotten to see them live before, and so glad I finally got to! The energy was crazy awesome :D Even managed to get super srs Bradd to jam a bit!

Played in the Monday night game at Cullyn's before heading home for the holiday. Brie was yoinked through a shadow plane portal to where the rest of the party was, but she's totally fucked up in the head right now :d Should prove to be interesting. Currently, we're in a water temple dungeon, complete with megalodon sharks and krakens! Eeek!

Tuesday after work I drove down to Gainesville. Lost about 2 hour on the way due to holiday traffic jams and accidents :/ Still managed to make it in safely, just later than expected. Took Blue Thunder into the shop Wednesday to check on why he's been gobbling up antifreeze/coolant. Turned out to be 2 leaky hoses :/ One of which required half the engine to be removed to replace. Apparently, he also had an oil leak starting… 670$ and several hours later, he was all fixed-up!

During that time… I went out to have lunch with Scott! Hadn't seen him in ages. We got all caught up on stuff going on in both our lives! Good times :) Also got to hug Mileka a few times! Apparently they work in the same building :D Played a little bit of Borderlands: The Presequel with Mike, too! He's got a full beard going on for Novembeard, and I think it's quite becoming of him :)

Also, got a few phone calls from Allison Ables, who is not only the person the property management company who manages my condo is named after, but she is also the boss for the realtor in charge of my condo listing. Turned out that my realtor is interested in buying and living in my condo! Said she had to go over a couple of things with me, and we negotiated a price, but I was overjoyed!! :D Ended up signing the contract with my realtor/buyer later that night… so I'm officially under contract for it to be sold! So awesome!

And not only that, but I dropped by the bank to make my very last motorcycle payment! Armarant's now officially mine and only mine!

I couldn't have asked for a better day back in town :D

Stayed up super late playing Civ Beyond Earth… woke up relatively early and spent almost all of Thursday playing more Civ:BE. Between Hunter, Bradd, and Dwyer I've gotten sooooooo many hours in for that game. Might actually be starting to understand how to play effectively. Had a few hours breaks for food with family and friends on Thanksgiving. Yesterday was more of the same. Stayed up until 530 in the morning to beat Bradd and Hunter :)

One of the games I was in with Hunter, I was totally screwed. Tiny island: 1/4 me, 1/4 outpost, 1/2 bugs :/
Today was spent clearing out a majority of the things still left in my old room. Did my best to not save anything. Mike came over to chat, and he helped me out with some of the sorting. Generally, I'd just say "tell me that I don't need this", he'd say it in return, and I'd put whatever I was milling over in the Good Will pile. I really don't need any of the stuff I've got left in this room. There are plenty of kids who would enjoy my old toys and stuffed animals more than a box in my closet.

Random old game find:

Tomorrow will be my drive back! I'm hoping for as little traffic as possible, so I can make it in time for Hunter's home game.

Fabulous as always at injuring myself…

Maybe there is no 'too soon' with meant to be.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cats are rectangles, too

Started this entry a week ago. DISTRACTIONS.

Played the Pathfinder Card Game (PFSACG) for the first time two weekends ago just before PFS. Dan had picked up a Fighter class box for me, and I opted to play the drunk weaponsmaster guy (figures, amirite??) He was tons of fun! Looking forward to playing that more :) It's a shame they start an hour before PFS on Sundays, means I'll have to pick one or the other each weekend :/

Had a great side quest home game last Monday night. Was the first time I've played Brie (my alchemist) in about 5 weeks. During normal game time, Felix's character has been reborn into an angel who possesses some crazy "Will-save-or-die" gaze that will incinerate me, leaving the party without their token evil character (although after talking with Chuffy this past Sunday, it's a fear-based affect, and I'm immune to those! Thanks for looking out for the other shady character in the party :) ) I'm fairly certain no one really wants my character to die (??), so Cullyn gave me a slew of morality-based choices during our session. I made it as difficult as possible to turn my character from her path, picking the evil option every time. I've even put myself into a position where my character owes a Pit Lord a favor. Huzzah! :) I'm pretty sure Cullyn hates me now, if he didn't already. Looking forward to playing with everyone next week, given we're going to be in the same location. However, it sounds like we won't be for ages :( Poor Brie.

Been offered spots in other home games. Might end up taking Hunter up on his offer, especially if I'll have no Monday night game to go to. Have been thinking about outfitting the apartment with an actual dining room table to host games of some kind. Hmmmmm...

My sketching class is now officially over :( Last night was the final class, and I finished up my Ahri sketch. Probably spent about 6-8 hours on it total, and the phone doesn't do all the shading justice, but it looked terrible when I scanned it in at work.

Really happy with the progress I've made. The teacher said I only got better over the past 6 weeks (which wouldn't be difficult to do, since I sucked terribad before!), and she even asked me if I'd be interested in redoing her website since I'm all developer-y and stuff. I've also started doing quick sketches (limited to 3 minutes), just to help build my confidence. Borderlands and LoL excerpts.

Want to bust into actual painting with my tablet, which I have previously been horrendous at. Need to practice!

... speaking of developer stuff, I had my annual performance review at work yesterday and I requested a title change to drop the Junior from my name. My boss was more than happy to agree! :D ALL HAIL ME THE MIGHTY WEB DEVELOPER GODDESS! Even outside of that, work has been going well. Enjoying my time at ORNL, playing with ServiceNow, and getting all these fixes and updates out to IMLS. Love my job :)

Went out to the industrial night at the International this Saturday (aka Temple.) Was fun! However, my quick, slight over indulgence in beers and nerves made me a little sick. That passed rather quickly though, and I was able to enjoy the late night :D Will definitely go back again. I think they host once a month or so? Love having so many friends (especially nerdy ones!) to go hang out with :D

FLURRIES! It snowed a bit one day, and I woke up to dusting this morning. So excited for winter!

Have you ever felt that your heart contained so much that it must surely break apart?

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Wrong Sunday Morning

Nearly just started a fire in the toaster at work. Go me!

Steam and their crazy sales... making me feel like I need to blow more of my money on vidja games! I'll never have an XBox One, so I've been thinking about picking up Dead Rising 3 for PC, and then Steam goes and throws it on sale for Halloween! I didn't grab it though. I still have Borderlands the PreSequel and Civilization Beyond Earth to go through some more before I can really legitamize picking up another new game. (Completely disregard all the other XBox games I still have waitlisted on my shelf.) Murdered: Soul Suspect was also up on sale, and that was super tempting at 12.50$. Watched the Zero Punctuation and Two Best Friends Play reviews though, and I don't know if it's going to be worth over 10$ for me :d Will wait until the next inevitable Steam sale sometime in the next month or two. Maybe I'll get lucky and it'll be even cheaper!

The new Civ has been fantastic. Bradd and I get to gush over it occasionally at Pathfinder. I think he's racked up a multitude more hours on it than I have, but soon my Civ V game with Dwyer will be over and we can start a hotseat Civ BE! :D

Getting murdered by bugs, aah!

Been picking back up League of Legends a little bit (I'm crazy, I know!) I don't play more than 2 or 3 games each session though, so it's really not so bad. Plus, I finally understand how to play my favourite character, Rammus. Well, enough so that I can not completely fail during an intermediate bot game as the jungler. We'll see how horribly I perform once surrounded by real people (although they all suck, right?) At least, that's what one of Dan's friends told me: "Everyone sucks at LoL!"

Pathfinder has been awesome. For a few weekends, the games seemed to fall into this "too much talking, not enough  murdering" lull, but I know it varies based on the selected scenarios. I created a new character for yesterday's game since there are several new Occult classes available for playtesting. The Kineticist grabbed me right off the bat, so I made one based off the Aether element. She was super fun, but I have no idea who I'm going to play her as :/

My sketching class has been going well. Last session was on pens, which I was super excited about. The powdered graphite and I didn't get along very well in the previous class, but I did manage to create an okay-looking tarrasque :)

Pushed myself the day before Halloween last week to do a quick pin-up sketch in honor of the holiday. Been wanting to break into pin-ups, but I'm so nervous about drawing people well. Gave it a shot anyway, because why not! Made Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas :)

I love the little kitten =^^=

Back when I was into WoW, I wanted to do pin-ups for each of the races. Might actually become a reality now, since it'll be great practice. Also was throwing the idea around with Kyle about doing LoL pin-ups, but there are soooooooooooo many characters. I'd want to do the male players, too; would find that to be very amusing for some of them :D (Just imagine- pin-up Rammus!)


Had my last motorcycle ride last Monday night to class. I think it's going to continue to be far too chilly to take it into work in the mornings. Maybe I'll be able to take it around some weekend for a little bit, if the afternoon temps aren't ridiculous. Been thinking about finally purchasing a windshield...

Been wreaking havoc with my fantasy football team. After this week I will be 7-1-1. Scott currently owes me a 6-pack of my choosing and a home-cooked meal from scratch (dinner and dessert!) Will be taking advantage of that when I come visit for Thanksgiving, methinks. Example of my pwnage below :)

Halloween was tons of fun! Went to Clancy's with Dan to see an 80's/90's cover band. Michelle was supposed to join us but she bailed :/ Had invited Crystal, and Teresa and her husband out as well but they did not make it. Are You a Werewolf was Saturday night after a PFS session that was nearly cancelled, but thankfully not :) Blast as always, of course! We started fairly late, later than usual, so we didn't play nearly as many games, but that's okay. Always fun hanging out with everyone :) Crystal was also supposed to come out to that, but she couldn't make it. Le sigh! I will get her out of the house and work-mode some time :D