Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Conveniently Confused

By the way, Mom is the best and she made her famous rum chocolate mousse specifically for my visit :D

Friday night I went to the new Thai place in Gainesville with Dwyer, Mehdi and his girlfriend (can't remember her name -_-;; ), and Curtis and Michelle with Marston in tow. The food was okay, not as good as Taste of Thai ;) but it was great to see them again! Talked a lot of video games and TV shows; nice to catch up :) Also super random, but the Tucks, Katie, and another guy (name escapes me...) were at the restaurant! Was great to see them, too. Will need to visit some time over a non-holiday so I can play catch-up with more peeps :D

Afterward, headed to Mike's where he, Danielle, David, and I played Cards Against Humanity. Apparently, neither Danielle nor David had ever played o.O Who would I be to deny them the pleasure of this horrible game?? We all had a blast :D I really should've taken more pictures. Some were just too good. This one made David nearly piss himself when he read it off XD

The drive back to Knoxville was fantastic. One of the fastest car rides I've had since moving. And it wasn't so much that there was no traffic, but rather there was no slow traffic; everyone was flying by at 80 most of the way. I like leaving a day before everyone else! The only other people on the road are the Michigan and Canada types who have 2-day long car trips :)

Hunter's home game had potentially been planned for Saturday evening, but it was cancelled not only then but also for Sunday :( Enjoyed a good table at PFS though! Chuffy ran a table for Hunter, Felix, Boats, (random Robert), and myself. Went rather swimmingly! Could've been a hell of a lot worse at the end if Felix didn't finish off the big bad. I was stuck in black tentacles and blinded all of the last fight. Slow, dark, all-encompassing tentacle rape :o

A new home game is going to be starting up in a few weeks (Iron Gods.) Going to be 3 nights of home game plus PFS day. Crazy Pathfinder stuff! :) I've opted to play the dedicated healer for this adventure path, which I'm not worried about at all. Most people are opposed to healbotting, but I've never done it outside of an MMO setting, and I'm looking forward to doing heavy support as opposed to little to crazy murder. I have my character class combination in mind- Aasimar Merciful Healer for 6-8 levels, plus Envoy of Balance for at least 4 levels. Just need to come up with who she is. I think that's where the real fun will come from playing a healer.

When I returned to work yesterday there was a gift sitting on my desk! What an awesome surprise :D It contained a little lighted bird ornament; so cute!

Last night was Cullyn's home game that ran super late o.O Didn't make it home until midnight; showered and couldn't fall asleep until 2 or so. Oh, insomnia my old friend!

The game went well. We murdered some duregar and drow. Suck it, underguys! XD I'm still terrifyingly adorable as always :)

Blast from the past!

I'm getting old and I need something to rely on. So tell me when you're gonna let me in.