Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Crossing Emotional Boundaries

Made it back to Knoxville safe and sound. The drive back actually wasn't traffic-y at all until I hit the 40. Everyone and their mother were attempting to make their way toward Chattanooga, and it slowed me down a little bit. Otherwise, I made it back in normal time. I probably could've made it a little late to PFS, but I was fairly exhausted from the drive, and wanted to get things sorted before Hunter's home game later that evening. 

The game went well, and we didn't play too terribly late. Our healer is a little over zealous with her channeling usage though, and it's probably going to get us killed eventually -_-;; Definitely haven't had a similar experience at PFS before… I should draw my character. Actually, need to draw Azir, too. So much art to do :)

Participated in Cullyn's home game last night. Haven't gotten to play with the rogue (Chuffy) since before my sketch class, and he's the only other even remotely evil character in the party, so it was nice to get to play with him again. I exploded the crap out of a big ol' water elemental at the beginning of our combat with the crazy kraken high priest :D I felt pretty badass. Did about 125 damage! Never done so much before in one round. Huzzah for rapid shot, haste, and a large repeating crossbow built for bombage ^^ We wrecked the kraken (of course!) although Balo and Chuffy nearly died o.O Was pretty fun tho!

Going to the company holiday party this weekend and Heroes for Heroes. If you're in the area, you should definitely come out to our little min-charity con! Will be lots of nerdy fun :D

Missing out on my annual winter vacation this year. Maybe I'll make up for it in January.

Who knew a spanking "cooking" oar wasn't an approved alternative to smoking?

'Cause while I'm looking at me, I'm hoping to find you.