Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I'm not drunk, I'm contemplative

Every week feels like it goes by more quickly than the last with all the stuff that's been going on. 

Thursday, Dan and I hit up Nama for some half-off sushi madness! Gosh, I love that place. It's no Dragonfly, but it's still the best I've had in Knoxville.

Friday night I picked up some Stefano's pizza with Hunter, and we went to see Interstellar... which was AMAZING! If you haven't seen it... go. Right meow! Don't even bother reading anything about it; just watch it :D Was definitely a fantastic end to a terribly long work day. One of our Drupal sites had been afflicted by a rampant security bug, and I spent all day resolving it. It's still not 100% there, but I need Daniel's help to fix the remainder of the issues, and he's unavailable until January :/

It was nice to sleep-in on Saturday for once! Spent most of the evening baking cookies for the potluck Werewolf later that night. I made black & white cookies, but instead of all of them being half & half, I made them into moon phases (GET IT?!?) We had a huge turnout, which meant tons of food! :) Even got Crystal to come out and play with us, albeit for only 2 games. Was on 2 winning werewolf tables. One of which was the last game, just Brock and myself as the lone wolves in a pack of maybe 12 people. Normally, he and I just accuse each other most game, so it was different for the both of us. We were a killer team tho, quite literally. Took out each and every one of those unsuspecting delicious villagers XD Om nom nom!

Played at the worst table on Sunday at PFS :/ Apparently one of the guys has come back from a hiatus, and has either forgotten everything that is core to PFS, or is an absent-minded cheater. He slowed down our game like crazy... and it seems like it could've been a really fun module, too! Oh well. Maybe I really should pick up DMing.

Hunter's home game that night went well. Was mostly talking and item perusing, only one little bit of combat. My mentor died! D: He save our lives tho. And my body was stolen! Ack! I have a feeling Bradd's character is going to murder it the next time we see her. Can't blame him, some demon is possessing it :(

Last night would've been Cullyn's home game, but instead our group went out for sushi and Dirty Santa :) Over the course of the last week, I painted 10 shot glasses: 1 for each of the Pathfinder Society Factions.

They were a real hit :D I'm glad my gift went over well! Actually, everyone's did... there was no hate at the table after the gifts were selected! I grabbed Cullyn's deceptively nondescript gift tub... which had a big Nerf gun in it :D Watch out mofuckas! Imma mow some bitches down XD

Unfortunately, Littlefoot Cera couldn't make it out, so I made a quick sketch to express myself!

This upcoming Thursday, I'll be making more cookies for the Pathfinder Society Christmas party that's happening on Friday. I think I'll be leaving the icing off this time; they are sooooo much better that way :) Saturday will be a night out at Temple, with Bradd DJing! Should be lots of good times :D

Next week, I'll be back in Gainesville, if anyone wants to hang for the holidays :) During which, I will be signing my condo over to my buyer!! Huzzah!

Worse than the total agony of being in love?