Friday, December 26, 2014

Ninety Percent

Happy (pre-present-post) Christmas!!

Christmas Eve Donna and her husband came over for our family tradition of shrimp dinner! However, Donna doesn't eat shrimp (!) so she had chicken enchiladas instead (which are, of course, also fantastic.) She and I set the table, and used the best napkins we could find :)


Convinced Donna and Mike, my Mom, and brother to play Red Dragon Inn :D We were even all drinking- which makes it 10x better! XD Donna fell in love with the game, and demanded we play it on Christmas as well.

Christmas morning opened gifts with the family. Jay and I bought a shiny new Asus laptop for Mom to replace her crappy old Powerbook. Had planned on setting it up with all of her stuff before Christmas, but she wouldn't let me have her old laptop. Ended up only taking an hour or two after gifts had been distributed to get her transferred over :) I think she really likes it!! (Even despite Windows 8) She'll never miss that Mac ;)


I made out like a bandit- Mom bought me a Galaxy Tab S :D Also got Super Dungeon Explore (a minis-based board game), more sketching pens, a new sketchbook, and some poster frames! :) I then proceeded to buy over 100$ worth of PFS PDFs from Paizo… that's on top of me picking up the Inner Sea World Guide hardcover and a hardcover Hellblazer novel at Mega 2 days earlier >.> /making it nerd rain!

Jay and I did what we normally do; buy each other games off our Steam wishlists. He wanted Witcher 3 preordered, and he got me Dead Rising 3!

Jay and I went to pick up my Godmother, Pat, before lunch. She and my Godfather are now separated :/ I'm glad she was able to make it for lunch, although she left early. I don't see her very often anymore. Donna and Mike also joined us again. Mom cooked us all a fabulous traditional ham and fixin's lunch :D


After Jay drove Pat back home, and I finished up Mom's laptop, the 5 of us sat down for some more drinking and board gaming! Played a round of Red Dragon Inn before Jay convinced everyone to give Munchkin Pathfinder a shot. It was slow going at first, but everyone got a hang of it real quick… and we had a blast!!


Fate leads the willing, and drags along the reluctant.