Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Work has been nutso with the Drupal exploit that was revealed a week or two ago. Had to completely rebuild one of the webservers I work on… twice ~_~ It's all up and running again now, as of Thursday. Had some long, crazy days for a good while there.

Did get to go to the lab for a department Holiday luncheon. Ate sooooooooooo much foooooooooood o.O Much like all the rest of the days this holiday season!!

Someone also dropped us off another Linton cake at the office /dies

Made a ton more cookies on Thursday, that really didn't get eaten up on Friday :/ Assisted Hunter in making sausage balls before the PFS Christmas Party on Friday, that didn't end up getting eaten either! Sooo many leftovers.

Friday night was the PFS Christmas Party at Nick and Brandi's. Lots of food, booze, gift-giving, and PFSing! Even had our own Saint "Nick"olas… aaaand FIRE!

Actually, expected to be playing board games instead of PFS, so I had to Hero Labs my telekineticist real quick to play on Clint's table in the basement. Was fun with most of us being fairly drunk for most of the game XD

The Dirty Santa game went really well, too! I suppose this is surprising, since a whole bunch of people are generally pissed off at the end of these things. I made another set of shot glasses; this time for Magic the Gathering.

Ended up winning Pathfinder Munchkin! I felt super lucky for once :D I've never owned a Munchkin game before!!

Saturday night was going to be a Temple night, but ended up going out to dinner with Hunter, his mom, Uncle, cousin Jackson, and grandparents :o Had some delicious pizza and cookies (see what I said about the holidays??), then played Uno! Reminded me a lot of my family, actually.

Sunday was PFS, but such a fail day! My table had my barbarian, 2 paladins, an inquisitor, and a monk… we made it through one encounter  successfully o.O On our second encounter, everyone got raped. Hard. Lucky for me, the monster had reach that I negated, so he had to get in my face to hit me. Instead, he opted to murder everyone else first. I waited until the last person fell, and ran the fuck away. So, we uber failed our mission, and thankfully get no experience for the loss. The other 4 players' bodies were recoverable, so they could spend prestige points and/or money to bring themselves back to life. Pretty expensive loss for most of the party -_-;;

Later that evening was Hunter's home game. Only had one encounter… but it lasted 18 rounds! Bradd couldn't make it, so we only had Sara's fighter, Casey's druid (played by Clint), Clint's gunslinger, Julie's oracle, and my arcanist… for a 2-part orc fight. Started with 4 orcs, and they called 4 more! Clint got wrecked when the second set burst in before we finished off the first set. He spent about an hour and a half creating a new character that we didn't get to meet due to how late the game ran. That left the girls to strategize away the rest of the battle… and we did a fantastic jerb :D Murdered those orc faces!!

Signed the final sale/title transfer papers for my condo this morning! It'll go through some time between the 28th and 30th this month. Soooo excited! :D

Quick Batman vector from Sunday morning as well :)

If your perfect match was standing right in front of you, would you even know it?