Friday, January 9, 2015

Do what you feel MEOW!

Hunter gave me my first "how to drive a manual vehicle" on Tuesday in his car. I know I was probably overconfident at first; it couldn't be terribly different than my motorcycle, right? -_-;;; I was pretty wrong! We drove around his neighborhood for 15-20 minutes or so, just to let me get a feel for it. Probably stalled out 5 or 6 times :/ Then he said, "okay, drive us to your place!" O.O Aaaahhh! I was quite scurrd! But… I didn't stall out until I was pulling into the parking spot in front of my apartment :D Didn't even cause it to chug much at all! Even on turns!! I have to say, I impressed myself with how well I did for my first time. Hunter was also quite proud of me :D

Wednesday Hunter and I went on a dinner date :) Had delicious Famous Dave's BBQ and then introduced him to Ingress! Got him to level 3 in the maybe hour and a half we spent driving around. Didn't get out of the car but once since it was about 8 degrees outside o.O Drove over to the Karns area to bust up Bradd and Sara's base ;) It's awesome to have someone to play with again!

Dropped my phone… again… yesterday. It's okay, but scratched up another corner :/ This was the third time since I'd gotten the Thesaurus book case for it. I had told myself after dropping it twice that if it happened again I would go back to my Otterbox from before, so busted that case out once I got home. What's unfortunate is Hunter purchased the exact same case (commuter style and blue/slate color) for his S4 as well… we've determined that we're now never allowed to have the same lock screen :P

Figures it's going to rain this weekend, now that it's warming up after all this freezing cold weather :( Missing snow right about now.

Going to buy my ticket for RBF and LTJ in Atlanta on Feb 2nd. Everyone's welcome to come with :D If anyone wants to join in and doesn't want to drive back after, I could probably obtain a hotel room.

People make promises all the time, then they turn right around and break them.