Monday, January 19, 2015

I feel like a magician!

Werewolf was a fantastic time as always! I had been asked to run a few days prior, but then there was a GM for every round so… oh well. Maybe next time! I would love to give it a shot. Got the Cupid card and made Bradd and Felix lovers :D Attempted to use it to my advantage, but Bradd threw Felix right under the bus anyway!

Was also love linked to Felix in one of the games myself, and the best part was I was a werewolf and he wasn't! When I was targeted, I totally bluffed that I was a villager but revealed I was linked to Felix so that they wouldn't kill us both. It totally worked! but I was the last werewolf left when it got down to 4 people (myself, Felix, Sara who was Wolverine, and one other person.) There was no way for me to win at that point, since eventually I'd have to eat Felix or Sara, both of which would result in my death :( Oh well! It's always really fun when it gets down to the wire like that. And that game in particular was amusing, since Felix doesn't normally make it through the third round!

We had something like a 7 or 8 person kill in one of the games. The deck was stacked with special cards (like Wolverine, Human Torch, etc.), and they all ended up going off at once! BAMF!

Also, I'm officially super scrappy!

Going to be playing in the Iron Gods Adventure Path that Chuffy's running for almost a near identical group to the Monday night game group (Hunter and myself, Bradd and Sara, Balo, Felix, and Cullyn.) I've opted to be the healbot, so I've built a Merciful Healer Cleric who will be prestiging into Envoy of Balance. Should be fun! :) I'm an Aasimar, Hunter's decided to go Tiefling, and our characters will be lovers! We're going for an amusing factor: angel-descendent and fiend-descendent, but with opposing alignments to what you would assume we would be. He's going lawful goody-two-shoes, and I'm true neutral-DGAF. I'm excited ^^

Save vs Hunger is this weekend, and it will be the first introduction of Dee Goodguy! The first character I've made since Charn that I've been actually looking forward to playing at PFS. Oh snap, that means I should probably finalize her sheet before Saturday... >.>

Had a fun We Be Goblins table with Hunter, Sara, Bradd, and Felix yesterday. WOO SET THINGS ON FIRE!! :D Had Hunter's home game last night as well, feels like it's been forever since we played. Been dawdling around in this huge dungeon area kind of lost. I think party morale might be dying, much like our characters! That's what happens when you have a bloodthirsty warmonger for a DM! ;)

I don't want to take away from the post I'll be making about the table, but it's coming along swimmingly! Can't wait to finish it up and have people over to play games on it!

We're lookin' slick! Don't Be jelly :D

If you like someone, there is something to be said for taking the leap.