Thursday, January 29, 2015

Not a Moose

No Iron Gods this Saturday. Skipping PFS Sunday. No Hunter's home game this Sunday (or for at least 3 weekends.) Not going to be in town for Cullyn's home game Monday. Woah. NO PATHFINDER?? This is going to be so weird o.O However, after 5 tables this past weekend at Save vs Hunger, and Cullyn's home game Monday night, I think I'm okay to pass up on roleplaying for a weekend :)

Save vs Hunger was tons of fun! Hunter killed my Barbarian Charn unfairly :( He drew the map wrong, which totally fucked our party out of being able to successfully complete the final encounter, resulting in a TPK. This was right before the special was starting, meaning Bradd, Sara, and I were all going to be unable to play (or at least have to play level 1-2's instead of our high level characters, which is no fun in a special.) I brought up the mishap to our Venture Captain, Nick, who decided we would all get free rezes around the table. Huzzah! There goes Charn's last free pass ;) She's level 8 now, and ever so much closer to permadead land :o

The special was okay. There were... 7 full tables? And it was supposed to be competitive, so we were all doing our best to be faster than each other at completing different acts of the scenario. Our table was super slow :/ I think there was only one encounter we actually finished, and it wasn't even early by any means. Everything else for the most part we were maybe 1/3rd of the way through before time was called. Oh well! Was definitely interesting to play in, just wish we had more time :)

Had a blast playing Dee Goodguy, who's already level 2! :) I managed to get a multitude of groans upon every table I played at when I made my character introduction- totally worth it!! Looking forward to playing her more, and getting her up higher in level so she can play with her brothers :D Hunter and I are planning on making teamwork feat characters as well with some fun racial boons. Maybe fighter archer and fighter melee?

Tiger stalking!

Really want to get into GMing. Even started reading the GM 101/201 PDFs to get an idea of what I should do to prepare. Also downloaded and read over the first First Steps scenario, since I've never actually looked at the information "behind the scenes." With Paizo's introduction of the Core Campaign, I think it'll be even easier for me to get into, too :) Means I can run low level stuff that my friends have already played and gotten credit for in "normal" PFS and they'll be able to play on my table and receive credit. You know, if those are the assholes I want on my table anyway :)

I fell down the last bit of Hunter's stairs yesterday and busted up my arm pretty nicely. When it starts to shine I'll make sure to take a picture.

Apparently, this is an amazing Cincinatti pizza place, and now there's one right down the street from my apartment! Now we just need a Skyline Chili place :)

Mehdi was thinking of me the other day! :D (Get jealous, Curtis.)

You usually blow up that bridge when you come to it.