Monday, February 23, 2015

Equals get Eggs

Feels like it's been a lot longer since I last wrote. Not that anything super crazy has gone on or anything!

Last last Friday was my planned Valentine's Day for Hunter. Not much of a plan exactly, but I baked him an apple pie, all from scratch :D Also made him a vector art full-page card. It felt simple, although it'd taken me ages to get it right for him. Apparently, I'm just setting myself up for failure one day with all of these handmade gifts and whatnot. He's going to be expecting this high caliber of gifts forever!

Had our first Iron Gods game on Valentine's Day. We started kind of late, so I was pretty much passing out by the end of the game. Thankfully, my healing services weren't really needed for the bit of combat. I don't remember much of the actual mod's story that we ended up getting to, since we spent a good amount of time in town mucking with each other. I guess that's what happens when there are so many already-formed relationships between character :d Hunter and I are married locals, Balo's also a local but he's a distant cousin of Felix and Sara's, who are half-orc siblings. And then we have two space rat brothers: Cullyn and Bradd. Should prove to be a very interesting game, and I have the feeling someone will be finding out what spices go best with charred space rat at some point...

Sunday we skipped out on PFS to spend all day together (little did we know that was kind of in vain considering the following week o.O ). This was my designated Valentine's Day :d Although, he had already given me his completed gift in exchange for the card on Friday, he still treated the day like it was all about me :D Cooked dinner for me (delicious tortellini!), and we just hung out playing games and cuddling up watching stuff. Fantastic time as always :)

Monday was President's Day, so (apparently) my office was closed :d It also was the beginning of the week of snow and ice! A crazy winter weather storm swept through the valley, coating everything in a nice thick layer of ice! Although, it doesn't take much to get Knoxville to shut down XD Hunter's school (along with all the others throughout the area) we closed all week, as was his work. I was able to work from home all week! This meant until Friday when Hunter's workplace was finally open again, we spent a straight 160 hours together :o My first thought was: and we didn't murder each other! This must be a good sign :)

He stayed again until last night after Pathfinder, which meant outside of him going to work for 4 hours, we spent about 240 total hours together o.O Pretty crazy, but definitely was a really enjoyable time <3

Most of our time was spent playing Divinity (my wizard and his 2-handed magus.) We're finally well beyond anything I'd gotten to before, so it's fun to see all sorts of new stuff :D He also got me into Sins of a Solar Empire. Lots of micromanagement and having to deal with aggressive AI, even on easy mode so I can learn! I've enjoyed it thus far, tho :) Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace.

Hunter and I have gotten into League of Legends quite a bit. I've become quite fond of Twisted Fate, Annie, and Miss Fortune, while he's gotten used to Jinx, Lulu, and Shyvanna. Last night, we were actually the best two players on our ARAM team. I got stuck with Syndra, who I've played before and generally suck horribly with (but I do love throwing my balls in peoples' faces!), and Hunter was Wukong, who he's actually fairly decent with! If only the rest of our team had some balls, we would've won. Oh well :d

Monday night the power at the apartment went off during our Divinity game around 8 at night, and didn't immediately come back on. In lieu of computer games, we decided to play Red Dragon Inn (the proper way, btw ;) ) by candlelight! Was his first time playing, and tons of fun :D The power finally came back on around 230 in the morning, thankfully.

Had tons of frozen water everywhere to play with that week, too! :D

This Saturday, after the majority of the snow and ice that had accumulated over the past week had melted, Hunter and I were invited to our friend from Werewolf Michael's housewarming party. A bunch of people I only know from Werewolf came, including Brock, San, Clown Guy, and Jay. Was a great party, despite us not even playing Werewolf (which was the original intent!) Ended up playing Resistance (which might as well be like a mini-Werewolf game), Red Dragon Inn (I was knocked out before my second turn with half the table, but Hunter won as Zot!), a word/category association game I can't remember the name of, and Reverse Charades. I failed my team twice during Resistance :( and I was on the horribly losing team of Reverse Charades, but we got all the difficult cards! XP

There was still so much slush on the road, that most of us couldn't make it up the hill to Michael's house, so we had to park at the entrance to his street and walk. Also meant that outside assistance was required in order to leave XD

Had a great table yesterday at PFS. Felt like it'd been forever since I'd played o.O Queen Val and Dee Goodguy got to team up together again tho! We even got a new girl on our GIRL POWER team! (Although I don't think he was very happy about it... might've scared him off.)

Emailed UT graduate admissions with a question 2 weeks ago, with no response yet :( Kind of important... but at the very least I should begin studying for my GRE, I suppose :d

Huzzah, taxes are done. Later than I usually like to do them, but that's okay. Someone please remind me one day to never rent property I own ever again. New motto: Just Sell It.

Mike shared a link to Cards Against Humanity online awhile ago. Sooooo addicting!

Kittens love chairs.

"When a guy does something stupid once, that's just because he's a guy. But, if he does it twice, it's usually to impress a girl."