Thursday, February 5, 2015


It didn't really matter that I previously decided to opt out of the Pathfinder games that weren't already canceled this past weekend, since I came down with stomach flu! Woke up around 3am Friday with a weird "am I hungry or about to puke?" feeling in my gut. Couldn't really get back to sleep, but still got up at 6 to get ready for work (albeit very slowly.) Drove in, and lasted about 20 minutes before I had to head back home with a fever, vertigo, and nausea :/ Was so sick, I couldn't even play video games. It was terribad!

My kittens kept me company in my sick state most of Friday until Hunter was able to come over and take care of me. Apparently, he's never taken care of anyone sick before, so it was a learning experience for him XD Luckily, I think I'm a pretty decent patient :P

The first half of Saturday, I was still pretty sick and out of it. Couldn't eat normal people food, but I was at least managing to keep some toast and banana down. Was even able to play video games! Got Hunter into Divinity and League of Legends, and he got me to play World of Tanks :D (Been doing our best to keep away from the addictiveness that is Civ BE!) He went melee fighter and I chose a mage for Divinity; should work out well ^^ WoT was interesting. The games are fairly short, especially considering you only have one life o.O Kind of weird in that regard. Wasn't a big fan of how slow the tanks were!.. but I had fun. Will play with him again I'm sure :)

Been awhile since I'd played LoL, and I've definitely never even attempted to assist someone else in learning the game. I'm definitely terrible at it, but hopefully my horribleness doesn't rub off too much on Hunter. I busted out Vi for the first time since purchasing her, and had a blast murdering robot faces! Little did I know that she's apparently a jungler? How is it that I keep picking up champs that are junglers XD Not that that is a bad thing, I guess the game is just telling me the role I'd be best at: staying out of everyone else's way while they murder each other, and just jumping in when I can ambush!

Hunter was a bit uninterested at first; the tutorials kind of suck. But once we got into a 5v5 (even tho it was with beginner bots) he definitely perked up. Took pretty well to Shyvana. There's something about murdering faces as a dargon that just gets everyone excited, I think :)

"There are some good free champs this week in League." - never thought I'd say that :o

A movie I'd been waiting to see came out this weekend: Project Almanac. I know, I know, Michael Bay has his name on it, but only as a producer! That means he just threw money at it :P I'm not one for reading reviews, or really caring what people say about a movie I'm interesting in going to see (much like video games that I want to play!) Early Saturday evening I was feeling a bit better, and my nausea had rumbled down to a minimum, so we decided to go check it out. Wasn't the best movie ever or anything, and I'm a sucker for time-travel, so I thought it was okay. Glad I went to see it, despite the multitude of plot holes. Wish it had been a little longer so they could've spent some time tying up unraveled ends. Oh well!

We had originally planned to have dinner with his Mom Friday night, but since there was no way I was keeping nibbles of wheat bread down, it'd be impossible for normal food. The dinner was moved to Sunday night, and I'm happy I was feeling well enough to attend and enjoy :D She and Hunter's sister, Taylor, cooked up some delicious vegetables, fried shrimp, and sweet potato patties. Even had an apple pie for dessert! Pretty fantastic, if you ask me :)

Thankfully, I was feeling significantly better as Monday came around (despite waking up with what felt like a brick in my stomach.) Went into work, felt alright, came home and waited for Hunter to get out of work so we could head down to Atlanta for the Reel Big Fish and Less Than Jake concert! ^^ Only... we left a little too late.Figured there'd be 2 opening bands, and turned out only to be one. So by the time we got there we only saw the tail end of RBF. However, we did get to enjoy all of LTJ. They were so much better than I remember :D All the nostalgia came rushing back!

Stopped for some Chick-fil-A on the way, and the first one we stopped at happened to be CLOSED! :( Bad picture of the sign, but of course the one day that isn't Sunday that they had to be closed for remodeling was the day we came by :P

I know it's silly to drive to and from Atlanta in one night just for a concert; we didn't get back to my apartment until 330 in the morning... but I think it was more than worth it for the 6 hours of quality time in the car with Hunter :) /gush

Hunter and I made a bet a few weeks back regarding gas prices. They'd been dropping quite rapidly, and he said they'd be 1.50$/gal by the beginning of May. I told him he was crazy, and we bet each other a tank of gas. Was looking bad for me last week when they were around the 1.80$/gal range, but they shot back up to around 1.90$/gal on Tuesday. I may win this yet ;)

Valentine's Day is fast approaching- are you ready?? I'm not :d I've got to finish up my gift for Hunter... ack!

Werewolf this Saturday! Was invited to dinner by Felix beforehand, but Hunter and I won't be able to go. We'll have to buy him shots or something at the VFW in celebration instead :)

Promised a shot of my arm once the bruises from falling down the stairs set in. Looking ever more beautiful each day.

This is no time for caution.