Thursday, February 12, 2015

Up like a tree full of cats

So, I feel like a crazy person. Assisted Hunter with his math homework the other day. Nothing intense, but it made me miss math so badly :/ It planted a seed that began sprouting on Monday while I was at work: what if I went back to school to obtain a Master's degree? Aah! I never thought I'd really consider it; what has come over me??

I even started looking into it! Took a gander at the UT Graduate program and catalog. I'd go into Computer Science most likely. I considered Computer Engineering, but I'd pretty much need to go back through a Bachelor's program before being able to even attempt that Master's. I will need to take some math classes; in particular, Calc 1, Calc 2, Diff Eg, and Linear Algebra. I might be able to get away without taking Calc 1 again, but the others will definitely will be on the agenda. I've also never taken an actual programming class, and that's part of the suggested requirements. However, it's my job and what I do every day :d So, I guess we'll see where that goes.

One of the factors in my decision is that work will reimburse my tuition (if I'm not mistaken.) I'd have to commit to my job (oh no, how terrible? And like I'm not already), so that's not a big deal.

I know it's a fantastic idea, but that doesn't make me not nervous about it.

Had a blast at Werewolf this weekend… I even moderated my first game! I was super drunk while doing so, but I was told later that my game was enjoyable :) I'll have to do it again! I'll not include the Chupacabra card, tho. Felix is right: it is quite powerful, and did win in my group (the girl in the photo from the group of 3 in the circle.)

Finished my character's background for the Iron Gods campaign that's starting on Saturday. Hunter may not be able to make it due to work :( but hopefully he won't be there too terribly late.

My character is an Aasimar Cleric of Pharasma: Anna LeBeau. Been working on a sketch for her, too. Maybe if I have one I like enough, I'll share it. Just started one for both Hunter and my characters together, since they're married and everything :d (I'm starting to lean toward getting some nice colored pencils sometime …) Hunter's character is a Tiefling Brawler (Baru Nomad); going all Captain America style.

Anna was born to the overjoyed human LeBeau parents a seemingly healthy baby girl. However, while holding the tiny new life in her arms for the first time, the mother was alarmed at how abnormally pale the newborn's skin was. An oddly-shaped birthmark gleamed of iridescence all along the baby's right arm, which illuminated the otherwise mostly pitch-black room. Her husband quickly reassured her that there was nothing to worry about. The chances of another tainted-blood birth after the Nomad family had theirs here in Torch only two years ago was too low to cause concern. Besides, it's not as though Anna came out of the womb with skin dyed the color of charred ashes.

It was true, the other relatively recent local newborn, Baru, had begun sprouting horns under his dusty black hair atop his tiny head as the months passed after his birth. His fiendish ancestry was on display for the world to see. However, despite having given birth to a tiefling, his human parents were ecstatic to have this child in their life, and they adorned him with unbounded love and acceptance.

As Anna's stark-white hair grew in, the faintest glow of her celestial descendance began to make an appearance as well. Up until the day the traveling merchant made a boisterous comment about it in one of the town's squares, the LeBeau parents had been able to convince themselves that their eyes had been playing tricks on them. To their dismay, this was not the case, and it was immediately prevalent to them and everyone in Torch that their daughter possessed an unmistakable glowing halo floating mere inches above her unnaturally-colored head.

Why this had caused them so much turmoil was a question that floated amongst Anna's thoughts throughout much of her adolescence. Within her veins flowed the blood of angels! How could this possibly cause parents to hold such disdain for their own child? Even the Nomad family unconditionally loved their devil-blooded child, and this only made the pain in Anna's heart sting with greater fervor.

Being in the same relatively small town, and nearly the same age, the two blood-tainted children grew up together. Although Anna was the younger of the two, this didn't prevent her from undermining Baru whenever possible while they were playing together. She unfairly resented him for the acceptance his parents gave him, since she had not been by her own. However, this never seemed to bother Baru. Maybe that was why Anna took to him as she did, as his nature was almost the opposite of hers. Perhaps it was due to his naivety, but overwhelming faith and forgiveness of others exuded from his speech and actions; even when Anna was nearly breaking the bones in Baru's tail whilst attempting to tie it in knots.

Initially in her own naivety, Anna did what she could to prove to her parents that she was someone they could be proud of. While she did not possess any great strength or arcane-based abilities, she found within her a strong connection to Pharasma, who granted access to the divine arts. At any given opportunity, Anna pushed herself out of her comfort zone and into a battle within the war-torn lands in order to provide medical relief as close to the front lines as possible. It was here amongst the demonic conflicts that she and Baru forged an unbreakable bond that would remain with them the rest of their lives. With regard to her parents' approval however, this did little to nothing in their eyes. The day she returned from her last crusade, they looked upon her with the same dissatisfaction they did the day she left.

After the passing of both of their parents (hers undoubtedly from internal grief, and his during a horrific battle), Anna nearly had a heart attack when Baru proposed the idea of marriage between the two of them. She hadn't had siblings as he did, so she associated his proposal with his brothers and sisters having families and children of their own, and his desire to follow a similar life path. Once again that pure hearted goodness of his won her over, when he assured her that was not the case, and that it was instead due to his genuine love for her ever since they were small children.

Even to this day at 74 years of age, Anna is rather unimpressed by her own unique heritage, and does her best to forget about her ever-present glowing headpiece. She has grown accepting of her iridescent Pharasma-swirl birthmark that runs the length of her right arm, and believes it compliments her unnaturally pale complexion well. With her parents gone she has little reason to put her life at extreme risk in order to impress anyone, and spends many of her days as a local Torch medic. However, she was never one to resist a request for assistance...

I think she'll be fun to play! All anti-being-an-Aasimar XD She'll have this lackluster attitude about most things :P Wish I had the time before to write for Brie. Could've made her pretty cool, I think. Oh well! What I really need to do is get my "Call of Cthulhu not Call of Cthulhu" game ready to play, since the table is 2 stain sessions away from being done!

If I was somebody else, would this all fall apart?