Friday, March 13, 2015

Marriage Before Dogs

Last week kind of flew by, but I think that's mostly because I was ready for vacation mode to activate! Friday, Hunter and I hopped in my car for an 8 hour road trip down to Florida. Originally, I was going to go by myself for Bridesmaid duties, but it turned out that this week coincided with his school's Spring Break. What could be more fun than going down to Gainesville Florida during your time off?! XD

Got to introduce Hunter to my parents and brother, and over the course of the weekend/week Donna and Mike, and my Godmother Pat. He got along swimmingly with everyone :) Was a wonderful treat to have him in my hometown with me, and was tons of fun getting to share the city with him (although it isn't too crazy of a place!)

Saturday I attended Kristin's bridal shower with a gaggle of other women. Was a nice time (plus cake!) I still don't know most anyone outside of Kristin, Alyssa, and Mileka :d Returned home to spend some time with Hunter. Brought him over to Mega, since that (WAS!) our only comic/gaming store. Since it was Saturday, there were actually people in there playing some Warhammer. I picked up another Munchkin expansion, since I knew there'd be some gaming during our time in Florida :)

Drove him around town to show him all the wonderful things the city has to offer :P Picked up some hair gel for him and purple hair dye for me. Afterall, what's the point of getting your hair cut in a fauxhawk style if you never gel it up? I thought it looked adorable! but I probably used too much water :d

Kristin was dying to meet Hunter since he won't be making it to the wedding (Clint and Julie are also getting married on April 11th, and Hunter's a groomsman), so I managed to coerce him into coming to Chili's for dinner. We were shunned to a table by ourselves, so it was pretty much like having dinner with just each other XD Was a good time!

Sunday I got my oil changed (exciting), and for once got the high mileage oil instead of the regular. Figured I always wait until I'm in Gainesville to get it done, might as well use more appropriate fluids :) Donna, Mike, and Pat all came over for games and my mother's beef stroganoff. Played Munchkin, Red Dragon Inn, and Cards Against Humanity until just after midnight. Many a drinks and a really great time was had!

Monday we headed to Burrito Bros for lunch with Dwyer... who was swamped with work and wasn't able to make it :( We had a delicious time tho :D I miss their sweet potato burritos so much! Afterward, we drove around Gainesville some more, and headed down to Kanapaha Botanical Gardens. Although it wasn't as beautiful as it could have been, it was still gorgeous, and the weather was undeniably perfect.

Stopped by Kanapaha Park on the way back home to explore the Veteran's Memorial that I like so much. Also found a rock formation that Hunter just had to climb :)

I treated him to a dinner at Dragonfly that evening. Their menu has changed :( and they no longer serve my favourite sushi: Pizza Sushi D: I was a sad panda. Although, the rolls we ordered were still quite satisfactory :) He even ate some raw fish ones!

Tuesday we actually got to meet up with Dwyer and Mehdi for lunch at Leonardo's! (The good one at Millhopper.) Was awesome seeing them again, and I'm glad that Hunter got to meet them :D Saw a flyer for a new tabletop gaming place in the same complex, so we decided to drop-in. It's almost just like Level Up, with organized play and everything! Talked to the owner some, and bought a handful of dice. I'm so excited to see a store like this finally pop up in town :D Especially with how Mega is... Everyone should go check them out!

Stopped by Tipple's Brews as well, said hi to Matt and picked up some Muse. Apparently, they have a rewards card now, too! I'm glad that they seem to be doing well :) Everyone should definitely support this little shop.

Had a great delivered Bento's dinner with the family (save for the fact that they didn't deliver any of the sauces for any of the meals), and introduced Hunter, Donna, and Mike to the family card game: Big Bertha. It's much like rummy. Mom ended up winning, surprise surprise!

Wednesday was the lengthy drive back, but it went by rather quickly, since we each drove in 2 hour intervals. Probably really helped that we could spend all of Atlanta in the HOV lane :) I managed to get some work done while I was the passenger as well!

I submitted my application as a non-degree student at UT today :o Gotta get those pre-reqs in over the next year so I can apply to the Master's program :D

Happy Pre-Pi Day! Will have another pie picture to share from tomorrow :) Making one for the Iron Gods group. It was quite the successful day at work though (20 pies!)! I brought in fresh strawberry pie :)

A random Target trip, resulting in beer, mens' socks, toothpaste, and throw pillows. Hooray, sense!

Convinced Hunter to give Cook, Serve, Delicious! a shot. He got quite frazzled over the initially demanding gameplay :) I should share the video sometime.

Look, in my opinion, the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you, the right person is still going to think the sun shines out your ass.