Thursday, April 9, 2015

Me and My Boat Army

There has been all the crazy gaming going on in the past week. Monday game last week we ran into my character's past... an evil science wizard man with a Lolita complex. We, of course, murdered his face and stole his TARDIS carriage :D We were then ready to begin our test of the Star Stone which is super exciting! That's what we did this past Monday: entered into the first room of the castle. I suppose I'm not entirely sure what it will continue into, but so far it has been quite combat-heavy.

Saturday we were supposed to have the Iron Gods game hosted at my apartment (since Felix is now tableless) but Chuffy had a migraine, so he was unable to run the game for us. Instead, Hunter, Bradd Sara, Balo, and Brock came over for some board gaming! Everyone stayed over pretty late. We got an entire game of Arkham Horror in (Sara was clearly the golden ticket all game) and then play some Red Dragon Inn... although we weren't playing the proper way, but that's just because no one felt like drinking XD

Sunday, Hunter and I went to PFS for the first time in what seemed like forever, and got to play with pretty much the same people we played with the night before! Hunter, Bradd, Sara, Balo, myself, and Felix as our GM played the first part of a three-part scenario... and totally owned it! However, we were told that it only gets harder from here :o

After the game, we met up with most of the Pathfinders and some of Bradd and Sara's friends at Green's to celebrate Bradd's birthday with some drinking and Cards Against Humanity. Thankfully, the party started earlier than anticipated, so we were able to hang out a bit longer than we originally expected.

One of our friends, Dan (not to be confused with the Dan from November and December) decided to get rid of a slew of his 40k armies. Hunter was lucky enough to be the receiver of a Tyranid and a Tau army, and several books; including two pristine core rulebooks (of which I was very happy to accept one of.) Now we just need to sit down and play. Although I have not assembled my final box of warriors just yet... but I should have enough for us to play a little bit. I've also since forgotten pretty much how to play, although I'm sure Potocki will vouch that I never really knew how to play (definitely not well anyways!) Hunter will also need to learn, so I'm sure it'll be tons of fun :)

Last night, Hunter and I hosted a board game night. Sarah, Balo, and Brock attended along with Trey and Rachel, Hunter's friends that I met a few weekends ago. Rachel made delicious cheese dip, of which she and I consumed almost the entirety of :) Good times were had... played some semi-fierce Uno, and started a game of Arkham Horror. About 3 hours into it, it was getting pretty late and it was pretty clear that we were not going to win. The boss was at about half health, and we had only two out of the six needed Elder Signs on the board. Balo figured it was a lost cause, and called it due to how late it was. Unfortunately, thoughout the game many of us died several times (myself included,) and Hunter and I were lost in time and space at least once each. This left us with a severe lack of items and money. However, we did have all the monster trophies because of the multiple monster surges we got.

Unfortunately, my friend Teresa got let go from work :( So I met up with her on Friday for drinks. We were joined by her husband, and eventually Hunter. We all had a good time, just talking and catching up. Hopefully we'll all get to go out to one of the beer festivals that should be coming up this summer.

Made my way down to Gainesville today for Kristin's wedding. Tomorrow is the rehearsal and Saturday is the wedding. Should be interesting and fun! o.O Listened to Ready Player One on the road. Made it through half the book... and it's awesome! Highly recommended read for any nerdy types :)

I'm super excited for Sunday as well, because I'm going to get my companion tattoo on my left arm. Then Megaman and Crashman can forever do battle on my forearms :D

Love is the answer, at least for most of the questions in my heart.