Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Acceptable Cat Status

Finished-up dog/house sitting last week. Really glad I was able to help them out :) I was happy to hear that Tracey did not get sick on the boat, which means they'll be able to go on a European cruise next year! I want to go on a nice vacation :/ I didn't take my winter one this past year...

Wednesday night board gaming happened. We've attempted Masquerade a handful of times now, and I don't think any of us are big fans. Need to learn Mansions of Madness so we can give that some play-throughs! I bought plastic cases to hold all of the pieces for it and Arkham Horror (huzzah OCD organization!) Looking forward to having my magnetic map pieces, too, then I'll see if I can convince people to play Iron Kingdoms :)

Brock wasn't able to join us, since he's moved to Johnson City for his new job (sadness), and I was under the impression we wouldn't be playing Trae's home game that night. Eventually, everyone except Rae and myself went outside, and they all started playing. It was really nice to spend time talking with Rae, since we haven't done that nearly enough, but I definitely felt really left out of the game :/

Decided for the first time ever to give blood on Thursday. I was feeling pretty down from the previous night, so I figured I'd do something good. I was super nervous, as I'm really not a fan of needles, and I'm sure Kevin and Bryan were about ready to just strap me to the table in the blood bus themselves to get me to stop messaging them about my anxiety XD Ended up not being so bad after all! I was pretty lightheaded afterward, and felt a bit sick, but I made it through :) Hopefully, my blood will help someone out! Also went with Hunter to the blood bank after work so he could donate as well.

This Saturday I threw a board game + pool party at my apartment. Hunter, Brock, Balo, Bradd, Trae, and Rae all came over for some Betrayal and then tons of One Night Werewolf. There were a multitude of really great plays made throughout (including some by Hunter, oddly enough!) It's so much easier to lie to your friends when you only have to do it for a max of 5 minutes XD Plus, having the Tanner card in the deck can make things kind of crazy. Never know if someone's a werewolf, or playing being a werewolf to get lynched! I was happy we got Trae to join us, since he is usually the one to sit by and watch.

Bradd had to leave to go to Sara's workplace for a party, which Balo wanted to crash so badly. Unfortunately, that didn't happen, so the rest of us decided to pick up some booze for the pool! Balo left to retrieve his swimsuit, while Hunter, Brock, and myself headed over to McScrooge's. I picked up Killian's for Trae and myself (in case he felt like drinking some more) and a 1.75L bottle of Svedka (since Balo is in love with this stuff!) Brock picked up a single airplane bottle shot, and a giant bottle of rum (but that's for his home, not for the pool party, as he intended to stay only a short while before going to Temple.)

Returned to the apartment, where there was much pre-pool drinking was going on XD Headed down to the pool, where the drinking continued (of course), and we all just swam about. Good times!.. until this pair of older dudes came into the pool area with a 6-pack, and sat down at a table opposite ours. They just creeped on us whilst drinking the rest of the time we were out there... o.O

Other than those creepy guys and Rae getting sick :( I think it was a fantastic time, and it seemed like everyone had fun! Everyone except Hunter and Balo left around 11. We put on Hot Fuzz, but it wasn't long before Balo and I were both passed out. I'm glad that we didn't let Balo leave until the next morning, he was all the drunk!

Been playing a bunch of Guild Wars 2 when I have the opportunity (like almost the entirety of Sunday.) I've got a Thief character I've been playing by myself, and an Engineer I've been tooling around with Hunter's Fighter. Definitely want to make a caster class, and a Guardian to play with Brock. Maybe one day he won't be so busy!

Almost finished cleaning up the mess my former coworker left for the last time. Happy days!

I don't normally do quizzes or the like, but Courtney had this up on her Facebook, and I thought the result I got was adorable. Especially considering I love this movie, and had named two of my most well-known UO and WoW characters after her :D

I haven't been taking enough pictures lately :/ I also haven't done any art in awhile. Been feeling kind of down, actually. Wasting time being a sad panda!

Your best friend always sticking up for you... even when I know you're wrong.