Friday, May 29, 2015

F12 Around

Had a great holiday weekend! Because things were temporarily on hold at work, I got to take last Friday off. Meant I had time to tool about and relax... and finally did a new art piece!

Bryan had taken a GQ selfie, and I couldn't help but see the lines! It had to be done :)

That evening, Hunter, Bradd and Sara, Trae and Rae (Traechel), Brock, and Casey all came over! We played Kittens in a Blender, One Night Werewolf, and just hung out :) Was an awesome time! I also made oatmeal cookies.

Saturday was the normal run of errands with Hunter, and I convinced him to do some geocaching with me :) One was simple and was found. Another was a 3.5/5 difficulty, but it felt like so much worse... couldn't find it :( The third... you see the tiny dot sticking off of the left of the pole about 13' up in the photo? Yeah... couldn't reach that. Need to acquire a tool!

Unfortunately, I don't think Hunter's a big fan :/ He gets bored super quickly, so if it can't be found within a few minutes, it's "gone." I need to go back and find that one where Hollywood Video used to be...

Sunday, Hunter and I had dinner with his Mom, sister, and Grandmother. Home-grilled burgers and hotdogs, with plenty of delicious sides to boot!

Monday, I got the day off from work again (woo!) but I did not do any art. I got all set up with school stuff though, since I start next Monday (eek!) I'm excited and nervous. Wondering how many babies are going to be in the class :o I'm going to feel so old! That evening, Hunter and I went over to Cullyn's for a cookout and gaming. Ended up not playing any Pathfinder, despite Cullyn coming up with a pretty cool deity vestige showdown idea. Instead, we played One Night Werewolf and Red Dragon Inn. Damon was there, so Hunter was pretty excited to have someone around who was significantly younger than he to make fun of.

Tuesday night, Hunter and I had a little semi-date night. Went to Fazzoli's (at my request- since it's been years), and then saw Mad Max. I hadn't seen any trailers (or really knew it was out besides hearing others talk about it), so I wasn't sure what to expect. Turned out to be really great, tho! I'm glad we went to see it :) Hunter had also bought me a purple orchid! He knows I'm a fan of receiving flowers, but he's not big on flowers that will last for a handful of days and get thrown away. Instead, he bought me one he'll help me take care of :) I haven't named it yet, but once I do, I'll share a photo!

Wednesday night, Hunter, Balo (back from vacation!), Sara, and Traechel came over for game night. We actually ended up all just hanging out talking: Pathfinder, new campaigns, old campaigns, trading stories. Eventually played a game of Hearts with Balo, Sara, and Rae. I hadn't played in forever, and Sara and Rae never had. Was definitely fun tho! :)

Going to be house-hunting soon... :o

I downloaded DOTA 2. Why must I subject myself to these MOBAs at which I am terrible??

Bryan and I picked up a quick game of Risk Of Rain last night... or so we thought. Ended up playing for an hour and a half, one playthrough... and we beat the game!! Neither of us had done that before (especially me, since it was only maybe my 6th time playing.) I guess we got super lucky throughout with our items. Lots of health and regen. Went swimmingly!

Starting to pick up some Ruby and Rails for a new work project. Should be interesting. I've done some Python before, and I believe Ruby is also a similar scripting language, so it won't be too bad /knock on wood!

Dargonboat race practice for the company is tonight! Then the races are tomorrow! We won't win, but it'll be tons of fun :) First time anyone from work will actually be meeting Hunter, too... I wonder if Bonnie will call him Mike XD

"You can close your eyes to the things you do not want to see, but you cannot close your heart to the things you do not want to feel."