Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I'm glad we've agreed to do nothing

Happy Cinco de Mayo! And Happy post May the Fourth Be With You!

One thing that hasn't been happening: sleep. And not due to insomnia, due to having so many things going on! Probably doesn't help that I was jetlagged for awhile. Oh well!

Last week, my place was the bomb. Or wait, that doesn't work. If you knew there was a bomb somewhere, why would you be there?

Monday, Cullyn's game night was cancelled, so I invited everyone over for an impromptu board game night! It was much like normal Wednesday game nights, as was Wednesday! All the board games! Finally started playing Super Dungeon Explore, which seems imbalanced depending on how many hero characters there are. Balo recently purchased One Night Ultimate Werewolf, and it has been a ton of fun. I think I'm a bit better at One Night rather than normal Werewolf, since I only have to bluff for 5 minutes instead of a possible 20-30 :d Friday night, Hunter, Balo, Felix, and Christina also came over to play some Betrayal :) Christina is hilarious, since she's not really a gamer. Always fun getting nongamers to game :D

Speaking of Werewolf... I finally get to go play this upcoming weekend! Feels like it's been forever :(

Saturday, Hunter's grandfather was admitted to the hospital due to kidney failure :/ In the morning and afternoon, Brock had asked if we could help him move some of his things to Johnson City. His new place is super nice! Gonna miss that asshole at Wednesday game night.

Later in the day, we watched Hunter's kid cousin, Alex, for a few hours that day before going to see the new Avengers movie with the nerd group. Played some magic, and made a new friend!

Murdered Soul Suspect is unfortunately turning out to be quite the silly game. I'm glad I didn't spend a great deal of money on it. If anyone is considering purchasing it, I would recommend LA Noire instead. If you're played that game, then you'll get as much out of Murdered Soul Suspect as you will giving your money to me. So, why not just do that instead? ;)

Just picked up Guild Wars 2. Brock suggested Hunter and I play with him, and I agreed. Sounds like it will be fun, once Hunter clears his account's name. Apparently, he had been hacked at one point, and his account had been locked down. Le sigh!

Wrote a dry-run Iron Kingdoms game for Hunter and me to test out. Played half of it the other night, and noticed there is a bit of vagueness throughout the rulebook. It's definitely fun though, and I'm looking forward to running the campaign I've come up with. At the very least, there's a pre-written scenario I can also run through with a part of 4. Any volunteers? ;)

On the immensely bright side of things, my officemate was fired! I no longer will have to finish his incomplete work, or deal with his incomprehensible arrogance! However, I had been stuck with finishing the last project he was on, and over the past 2 working days I've been horribly stressed about it. It's building an API, which is something I've never done, and they need it completed in the next week or so (since he had originally promised the end of February...) However, after today I can say I think I have a handle on it, and should be able to accomplish the feat!

I always made this joke that Hunter was going to attempt to slowly move into my apartment without me knowing by inconspicuously bringing in his things over time. The one determining factor being his desktop computer. He has since asked me to assist him in reformatting it, and today what shows up in my apartment but his tower! I know we joke about him moving in with me, but jokes are half truths, amirite? /ponder

If you get anything out of this post, it's that I need to more often, because I'm sure stuff was left out. Oh well! /beer!

It's so simple to be a nice person, why can't everyone do it?