Monday, May 11, 2015

Perfect Spoons

This weekend was crazy busy... but very productive! Friday after work, I headed over to Darrin and Tracey's to take care of their animals until after dinner, then over to my apartment to meet up with Hunter, Balo, Brock, Trae, and Rae. We started off the night with a round of Chez Geek that Brock won (retconned), then I won (retconned), and finally ended with Rae as the ultimate winner :D Took a break, and then decided to start back up on Trae's game, despite Sara not being able to join us :/ I almost made a death-defying, Brandon Stark move, but decided against it. We're progressing well, although pretty much everything is still a mystery to us. Lost one of the NPCs to a giant spider, aaah!

Saturday, after taking care of the animals, Hunter and I met up with Balo at my apartment. My complex was having a community garage sale, so we perused but the only thing I wanted (an end table) was being sold as a complete couch, coffee, and end tables set. Oh well! Picked up some free grilled lunch at the pool, and then took our cars over to the church across the street for a free wash! We were having quite the day! :)

Did our normal trash and recycling errands, and stopped by Lowe's to pick up a few things. Also began brainstorming for what to do with my outside patio space. Everyone seems to love hanging out back there, so why not make it more enjoyable? Decided that a gazebo should be purchased! Now, to just find the right one... :) Something like this! Also spent time cleaning up the patio area, so it wasn't covered in leaves and the like.

Balo picked up some RAM for his laptop at Best Buy, and I assisted him in installing and checking it out. Turns out, his laptop chipset is so outdated/old, he can't support any more RAM than he already has :( Also, assisted Hunter in copying any important files from his computer so that we can reformat it. Probably take care of that today!

The Overstock's repair company finally had a guy come by to look at the chair Balo broke on day 1. He was in my apartment for maybe 90 seconds. "Yep, that's broken. I could fix that in my shop, but not here. I'll let my company know." Ugh, that's what I was telling people over the phone! ~_~;; Eventually, I'll receive either a new chair, or a new back for the chair. Guess we'll have to wait and see some more!

Drove up to Oak Ridge before Werewolf to take care of the animals. Balo was super impressed with the beautiful house, and all the booze! He and Hunter partook until they were both pre-game smashed. It was hilarious :D I soberly drove the three of us down to Alcoa for game, which was a blast! I was never on team werewolf all night, but I did moderate the first game :) Only temporarily forgot who the werewolves killed one night, but it was all good! Hunter was Cupid, and linked 2 werewolves together (Felix and Dan), so that was quite awesome to see them both go out epically together XD

We had quite the turnout!

Sunday, I made waffles for Hunter and myself :)

Called my mom to wish her a happy mother's day, since she's the best ever! Then headed over to Hunter's place to see what his mom wanted to do today. While we were waiting for her, he started picking up his room, I casually asked if he would like some help, and he said yes. That determined what we were doing the next 4 hours, something I'd wanted to do forever... clean the hell out of his room. I should've taken a before picture, and I probably have one hidden about somewhere, but it was atrocious. It looked like he'd just gotten lazy over time, things just piled up, and then it became too overwhelming to deal with. But we certainly did deal with it, and now it's beautiful. Clean, organized, wonderful. I can only hope he can keep it this way...

Met up with Hunter's mom, grandmother, aunt, and uncle at his grandmother's house for dinner. His uncle had cooked salmon, and it was amazing! Gobbled that right up. Was nice to relax and hang out with them for a couple of hours. My back was killing me, though :/ Headed back up to Oak Ridge for the night and just melded into bed.

Woke up to an intruder this morning. Drowned the fuck out of him!

However... also had Chick-fil-a breakfast this morning. I'd forgotten how delicious their chicken minis are :D

Apparently, Constantine got cancelled. WTF NBC? Been watching Better Off Ted after a recommendation from Bryan- super hilarious show!

With all due respect, I am gonna completely ignore everything you just said.