Monday, June 8, 2015

X Marks the Tornado

My first week of class went swimmingly. A lot of the stuff we've gone over so far are things I know. However, I have a feeling that most of what I will learn in this class will be terminology. Which is okay! It's stuff I don't know, and it's a class I have to take regardless. So I'm glad I'll get something out of it. Plus, it's fun! I know this is just a lower-level class, but it has made me very excited to take future classes as well. Maybe I will be a "real" developer one day! /dreams

Monday night we didn't play Cullyn's game again. There was talk of Felix planning on murdering the entire party, so I think many have lost interest in playing. We've been working together the entire time, for the most part. Why does it have to change now? We're right at the end, we might as well finish it together as a group. Regardless instead, everyone came over to my place and we all hung out. Good times!

I had insomnia part of last night, so we'll see if I make it out to Cullyn's game tonight. That is, given we're even playing. I believe several people were at Origins this weekend, and may not be up for playing. Not sure if that includes Cullyn or not.

Because Wednesday Night Game night had been moved to Monday last week, skipped out on hosting Wednesday night. Bradd was off work Friday though, so he and Sara, Traechel, Hunter, Brock, and Balo all came over :) Lots of talk about a new Pathfinder campaign was discussed. Even did a character class drawing! Also, might get Rae to play with us :D I'd be super excited if she did!

I'll probably end up playing an Arcanist, since the last one I only got to play a handful of times before the game died. Spent a good portion of my Saturday reading every archetype and Sorcerer bloodline available. Debating between taking the Blood Arcanist Archetype with the Arcane Bloodline, the Occultist Archetype, or the Spell Specialist Archetype with three Bloodline Development Arcane Exploit selections into the Harrow Bloodline.

The Arcane Bloodline allows me to obtain a familiar, which Hunter determined I'd have access to a clockwork spy. The bloodline's innate ability also boosts my spell DCs when I use metamagic feats, which I would when using my metamixing arcanist ability.

Occultist on one hand wouldn't be a big deal if Rae went Summoner, but on the other hand if she wants to play twin characters then it'd be perfect.

Harrow Bloodline access just sounds fun. One of the character concepts I'd thrown around for the Iron Gods campaign healer character was a Harrower. I think the Deck of Many Things is amusing, but using it for something beneficial to the party sounds pretty fun.

Hunter did a bunch of housework with his Mom on Saturday (nothing to do with his once-again mess of a room,) and afterward the three of us went out to dinner at Barley's. Forgot to order the wheat crust, but it was still delicious!

Yesterday afternoon, Hunter and I headed down to a few caches, including the elusive Hello from Hollywood one we've been stuck on :/ Finally posted that we couldn't find it and moved on, only to get a message from the original placer with a few hints. Maybe we can find it now? Did pick up a couple of others on our way to and after the American Museum of Science & Energy. I'd never been before, and I love science museums, so I had a great time! :) Almost lost Hunter in a maze XD

Had a geocaching duofie of us, but apparently it didn't save :(

Happiness is not something ready made, it comes from your actions.