Friday, July 24, 2015

And towels!

Wow! Am I ever behind! :o Work has been crazy busy and stressful, so I haven't felt much like posting lately. Although, I've been having lots of fun and relaxing times outside of work (for the most part!)

Have been coming down to the wire with two work projects. Thankfully, I'm on an awesome team, so we've been chugging along mostly. Been stuck on this Ruby/Rails app for a few days, but Daniel and I made a break-through last night, so I think we'll end up being okay. I've destroyed my testing virtual machine tho, and I have no idea how to fix it (ugh.) We've got a new guy working on the other project (new site), and he's been doing okay-ish. We'll see how that ends up!

I made the mistake of going to Petsmart to pick up food for the kittens on a Saturday T.T Met this adorable mini Aussie shep who reminded me of an inversely-coloured Terra :( Would have to call her Luna ;)

Of course, I had to befriend all of the other puppies and kittens :) They're all so adorable! Maybe one day I'll have a dog again :D Just need a yard... /cough

Had a werewolf night at my house one weekend. Hunter, Bradd, Sara, Balo, and Brock all made it over :) Good times! We're having fun with the Daybreak expansion. I'm a fan of the curator, although it absolutely gives away someone as soon as we wake. If there's no curator token in play, then the curator is in the middle (and vice versa.) Sounds like something a werewolf could take advantage of, if there are other roles that switch cards around. Need to play more with more people! We still haven't played with all of the new roles yet, although we did mess with some funky combinations. Just keep switching out roles! :)

Last weekend, I dog/house/cat/lizard sat for Darrin and Tracey while they were on vacation in New York. There were tentative plans to have the small friend group over to play Red Dragon Inn. We've actually all been discussing making all of the drinks that appear in the game; we even have a list! :D Of course, you wouldn't drink a full serving- just a shot. Some of them are going to be pretty gross, and I have a feeling I'll throw-up fairly quickly :o

Unfortunately, Temple was on last Saturday, so Bradd and Sara were unable to attend, so the rest of us decided to postpone until we could all play together. Additionally... Brock was in the hospital! :( He was all the way up in Johnson City spending his weekend in a hospital bed, so Hunter, Balo, and I decided to go pay him a visit! This hotel hospital was gorgeous. Brand-new everything, a huge rock garden, herb garden, patios, etc.!

Despite our driving nearly 2 hours to see him, none of us actually knew what had happened to Brock, and as we walked to his room, we all became increasingly worried for him as we passed signs for the ICU... :( He seemed to perk up when he saw us, although he certainly didn't look his best. Apparently, he had been suffering from DKA, combined with an infection at his pump site. Luckily tho, he was doing better, and the worst had passed. We were only able to stay for a few hours, but we all had a good time hanging out, talking, and even got in a few hands of werewolf :) Brock is back to work this week, so he's thankfully doing better!

After dropping Balo off at home, Hunter and I rushed over to meet up with his friends Colin and Nicole at their house for dinner. They made us pad Thai, and it was pretty good! Was nice to meet them, and spend a bit of time hanging out :) Unfortunately, we were unable to stay too long, since we'd left Darrin's house early in the morning to complete normal Saturday errands before leaving for Johnson City. I knew I needed to get back to take care of the animals. I invited the two of them to come along with us to spend some time playing board/card games at Darrin's, and they agreed! :) We also let Balo know, and he was able to meet up with us as well.

The night started off really well! Played some Munchkin, started getting our "drank on", and then hopped in the pool.

Colin ended up having a bit too much to drink however, and got a little rowdy. Made him eat some eggs and bacon, and put him to bed. In the morning, Hunter, Balo, and I dropped him off before heading to Perkins for some much needed protein! :D Was soooooooo delicious (but it was probably more so due to how hungry we all were.)

I made a quick core Cleric for the table the three of us would be at later that afternoon, and we met up again at PFS. It had been ages since Hunter and I had been around; was nice to see everyone again! :) Our table was comprised of the three of us (Cleric, Fighter, and Bard), and one new guy (Rogue), and Donald GMed for us. I'd never played core before, but things went pretty well. They got kind of grim near the end of the scenario, with a crazy negative energy channeling Cleric, but we made it through! This is the first of a four-part group of scenarios, so it should end up being pretty interesting story-wise :D

I've been doing a little nontraditional arting. One of the bridal shower gifts Kristin received back in March were two mason jars with painted popsicle sticks with dates written upon them. There were 52 in total (I believe), 26 in each jar, one was coloured for Joe, the other for Kristin. The idea is to trade-off removing a stick each week, and having a date night based upon the selected activity. I thought that was an adorable idea, so I proposed it to Hunter and he thought it was brilliant. We both made a list of date activities, and I started crafting. So far, the jars are mostly decorated, and the sticks are painted. Just need to write down the date ideas! Probably add something more to the jars, too...

Speaking of date night, tonight is date night! Hunter's got to work rather late, I believe, but we'll probably go out to eat and hit up a movie :) Something simple and nice to take away this work stress!

This week, Hunter officially moved into my apartment. We had been discussing it previously, and our only reservations were his ability to provide some sort of financial assistance. He finally told me over the weekend that he felt comfortable with the plan we made, and so I suggested he bring over his computer (since really, that's the only thing that matters! ;) .) It's been going swimmingly, and it's wonderful having him next to me every night when we go to sleep :) Maybe sometime this weekend we'll be able to bring over the remaining items in his room; the only reason we didn't is because of how large/heavy the furniture is. We'll require assistance from some of our fantastic friends! ^^

I had contacted Rob, the realtor, awhile ago, but we had yet to go out looking at houses. Actually, he hadn't even sent me any listings to look at, even after asking me about what I was interested in :/ I asked him earlier in the week if he'd have any time this week or weekend. He's on vacation, so he suggested I speak with one of his friends, Carrie. She got in contact with me, and next day sent me listings to review. I got back to her with the ones that I'd like to see (although nothing was crazy awesome), so hopefully this weekend she can take me around to see some of them. I'd like to get a clearer idea of what I really would like in a house, what I don't like in a house, and if I'd need to spend more to get what I want.

So far, there aren't too many things I'm jonesing for (said every house hunter ever):
  • 2+ bedrooms (4 is pushing it... I don't need that much space)
  • 1.5 or 2 bathrooms (cats need to have their own... err I mean guests)
  • Single family home (no condos, I want a yard! I also am not a fan of reselling condos.)
  • Garage (even if it's only motorcycle-sized...)
  • 2 levels (not necessarily 1st and 2nd floor, but 1st floor and basement works. The basement need not be finished.)
  • A room that can house my 8'x4' dining table with relative comfort/space (like a basement!)
  • North or West Knoxville (or a combination of the two)
  • Preferably younger than I am...
  • Between 100k$-150k$
There are a few on the list I'm excited to see, but nothing that really jumped out at me. Hopefully that will change upon visiting them :)

Laugh whenever you can. Keeps you from killing yourself when things are bad. That and vodka.