Friday, July 3, 2015

Functional Insomniac

All the drama had been going on. It was a bit shocking at first, but I've gotten past that and moved beyond to the "actually, I really don't need to worry about this at all" conclusion :D

After a very emotional and needlessly offensive post, Felix decided to remove himself from the Monday night game. /shrugs. Not everyone can be helped, I suppose! Regardless, Hunter, Balo, Sara, Cullyn and I had a fun time finishing the campaign. One game night, Cullyn had each of us select a messenger of the gods to battle it out in the war that our in-game characters had left. Hunter and I ended up on the evil gods' side, with Balo and Sara on the good gods' team. We won ;) but the tide didn't turn the overall war for long. In other RP-heavy sessions with our actual characters, we defeated Mephistophales and his minions even without a healer! (Although Steve did his best, and Hunter used a wish at one point.) it was pretty epic :D The starstone tasted like vanilla Chai, which made it even better! First campaign I've ever been through to the end on (although I wasn't there for the first few sessions), and it was pretty awesome :)

Just after Felix's diva moment, Trae blew up at me (personally) during a Munchkin discrepancy. He stole Rae away and tromped off. Apparently this had been brewing awhile, unbeknownst to the rest of us. Sara stayed, and we continued to play some One Night regardless. Still good times :) Because of that development and Balo's change in work schedule, there's no more Wednesday night gaming for the time being.

Did host a get-together with Hunter, Balo, and Brock Saturday night tho. We made jello shots, watched crazy YouTube videos (including Kung Fury), and hooked up the Wii for some serious Super Smash and Fortune Street :D It was a blast! Despite Hunter and I being terrible at SSBM XD Unfortunately, Brad couldn't make it due to car problems. He was missed :(

Been kicking around some League with Bryan and Hunter. Ended up not buying too much during the Steam sale. Did pick up Long Live the Queen and Cities: Skylines. It's been super addicting for sure o.o

Had a rather normal Werewolf night that unfortunately Hunter missed due to family stuff. Everyone had a jab at him regardless,  and joked that he was visiting his real girlfriend in Charlotte instead :P Balo and I carpooled since we <3 the environment!

Ran into Courtney (Casey's girlfriend) while she was working at Chick-fil-A. Poor girl works like crazy!

Lily the Orchid, at last! Isn't she beautiful :)

Passed my first UTK class with an A! Already registered for one class next semester (Calc 1) and waiting to be allowed to register for the next. Unfortunately, because I'm a non-degree student, I don't have a major, so I don't get to register for computer science courses without permission.  Means I just wait until it opens for everyone :/ Hopefully, it won't be full!

We finally hired another developer in my office. He's just started, and he's quite green. Hopefully he'll be able to help us out :)

Hunter and I went over to the Gatlinburg area to do a little bit of hiking/sightseeing. Was way too hot to ride, but was still beautiful scenery, and fun to get out of the house! Stopped at the Blue Moose on the way home for delicious food! Too bad we had some driving to do after and the fact we were dehydrated, because it looked like they had some great beer options.

Actually, Hunter and I went downtown to the Brewery Wednesday night for the first time in ages. Still really good food and beer! :D

I want this game on Android, right meow!

They finally built trenches for my backyard patio area to add real drainage piping! Now when it rains, it no longer floods :) /stalkerphoto

I made a delicious Nutella pie :)

You talk, I die. You smile, you laugh, I cry.