Monday, July 6, 2015

Unicorn Semen

Decided to go down to Florida for the fourth. Had Friday off of work, and was able to take Monday off. I've got too much vacation time and not much time to take it off from. Hunter was able to join me :D Makes the drive so much better! (And the trip, of course!) We headed out Thursday, even tho that was more than likely when everyone else would be traveling as well. We actually didn't hit too bad of traffic until Atlanta, which wasn't much worse than usual. Stopped at a sit-down Chick-fil-A, and it was delicious! They offer different sides and whatnot even!

We were about 20 minutes from my parents' house, when we hit standstill traffic from road construction where 3 highway lanes were being reduced to 1 :( Unfortunately, there were no exits between the beginning and end of the traffic :/ You would think that they would have recommended people take the exit just prior as a detour. Instead, 5 miles took 2 hours to travel. We were dead tired once we finally collapsed at the house

Friday, I took Hunter down to the Devil's Millhopper for a taste of the "real Florida." He accidentally knocked my water bottle into the sinkhole, so he had to go retrieve it :d

Of course, we had to stop in our favorite Gainesville Tabletop game shop, too. I picked up the One Night Werewolf expansion Daylight. Super excited to play! :D

Had dinner with the family, and then went out to The Hipp to watch When Marnie Was There. Cute anime film all about the feels! Went traversing through a few bars downtown afterward; including Loosey's for their amazing truffle fries ^^ Apparently, Gainesville has its own barcade now as well, across from House of Beer downtown. We couldn't not pop in there! Was pretty cool. I'm a big pinball machine fan and they had several. Not the best selection of games, but still very cool to exist at all.

Saturday was family day. Picked up my godmother, Pat, and Mike and Donna joined us as well. Mom cooked out on the grill, deliciously burnt hot dogs! :D Then it was gaming time! Played several rounds of One Night, which they all loved! And also one game of Munchkin :)
Mom's got herself a little gray kitten she likes to take care of now. She won't go get it immunized to bring it inside, although that's all it really wants.

Yesterday, I was determined to finally get my Crash Man tattoo done, so set up an appointment for the afternoon, and hung out with Hunter playing games until then. I've started working on my first Skylines map: a derpy, semi-to-scale Florida Keys :) Might turn out okay! 

Tattoo was quick and awesome! Done by Kenny, who I think found Hunter and I amusing :)

Out for some sushi dinner at the original Chopstix after. Mmmmm fried Godzilla roll is always the way to go. Hunter had his first black and white, and loved it! Eel really is the best ^^ We admired a little gator in the water outside while we ate. Headed back to the house to hang out with Mom and Jay. Set a fire! and made some smores :) Good times!

Returned home to Tennessee today. Wish we had more time to stay. Could've gone to the beach or springs or something :) Hopefully we'll make it back in October or November for the food and wine festival at Epcot :D

Stopped at Varsity on Atlanta to give their burgers a shot. I think we'll stick with Chick-fil-A!