Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Shake Dat Axe

The house hunt has unfortunately not been going as well as I had hoped. I've put in 4 offers thus far: the first was the house I mentioned previously that had foundation issues. The 2 offers included a condo (not that I was super excited about going that route again), and a house that was part of a condominium community... both of which were rejected in lieu of alternative offers. The last offer I made was the most heartbreaking to miss out on. Mossy Oaks, which was a beautiful home, had been on the market a mere 2 days before I went to see it, and had everything I could've ever wanted. The seller was asking 160k$, and I gave him an offer at asking... with a negative response in return. Apparently, he decided he was no longer sure he wanted to sell, and felt his place was worth an incredible amount more than he had asked for. A couple of days later, the listing was removed, and Carrie hasn't heard anything from them since :(

I was pretty disappointed about losing that house. However, I've got my eyes on a new build, so maybe the 5th offer's the charm? :)

Hunter's home game has been going well! We missed out playing this past weekend due to everyone else being at Dragoncon. Should be fun this weekend before our monthly werewolf. This'll be the first game we have super cool special powers! ^^

Class and work have both been going well. I was a bit distraught regarding my last lab for computer organization. I couldn't get the program to run how it was supposed to... and there was no rhyme or reason as to why it wouldn't :/ It also doesn't help that the TA and teacher are useless when it comes to questions- particularly programming questions. Oh well. Hopefully the lab this week won't be so crazy.

Work craziness has died down a bit, although I feel like Daniel may disagree with that. Deadlines have been met, and things have come together really well for the projects in progress. I've been thrown at a new client for the time being, so I'm away from everyone in the office for a little while :(

Completed the Caitlyn art piece for Brock. I'm pretty happy with it ^^

I've also started offering prints on DeviantArt of some of my vectors. Not really expecting anything out of it, besides a possible ego boost if anyone happens to want something printed out of mine *squee!*

This Labor Day weekend, Hunter and I spent most of our time working on LARP outfits for this weekend. I decided to make spats and a corset, he's making a pennybrig jacket. It's been going rather swimmingly! I need to add buckles to my spats, and finish up the front half of my corset. Pretty exciting :) Been so long since I've sewn! Hunter doesn't seem to enjoy it much, so I'll more than likely become the only tailor between the two of us in the future.

Action shots!


Moar photo time!

I'm 3 years younger! XD

I decided to paint another set of shot glasses as a raffle prize for the upcoming Save vs Hunger event. Make sure to come out and support the cause!

Praying mantis says: buy this house!

It's made of fiery hot gingers

My Yin and Yang furballs

There is nothing more limiting than having no limits.