Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Immunity to Neck Bullets

Had a game night earlier this month! Balo, Chelsea, and her husband Eric all came over :) Played a bunch of One Night Werewolf and threw in a little bit of Vampire. It's actually not so confusing, just enhancements to a lot of preexisting roles. Chelsea, of course, won the first game of Werewolf as a werewolf. She's so cutthroat! Played a round of Red Dragon Inn as well, and she and Balo were the last two in the running (speaking of cutthroat players!) Fun times :)


Hunter started using our new sign, too!

Our one year anniversary was officially November 9th, or as we like to call it "The Night of the Brewery." I had work and class all day, but Hunter had a surprise for me when I came home: brinner! :) He's so wonderful!

We had a really great date night on Friday the 13th: went to see She Kills Monsters, a theatrical performance at Pellissippi. Was about a woman who'd lost her sister who had been really into DnD, and her attempting to learn more about her sister by playing. At first it was pretty corny and it made me worry, but it picked up fairly quickly :) Actually ended up being pretty funny! Glad we went to see it :D

Afterward, we headed down to the VFW for Ultimate Werewolf! It'd been awhile, so I was pretty excited. Actually didn't run the first game, but I ran the remainder of the games. Surprisingly enough, people listened to me in the one game I played in, and I wasn't even a werewolf! :) In two of the games I moderated, I threw in the Tanner, who ended up winning both times. Maybe he's a bit more overpowered in Ultimate, since people are more willing to sacrifice each other. Also doesn't help that you don't necessarily know what cards are in the deck :d Maybe that's my bad, then.

That Saturday was Heroes for Heroes Pathfinder all day for Hunter and myself. We got to play with Bradd and Sara in the two new special tables where you play as kobolds in one, and Aspus Consortium agents in the other. Definitely fun times :) Although, I think I enjoyed the kobold one more.

Val (Sara's character) and Dee (my character) were reunited in the special event that night... and we kicked some demon ass! :)

Hunter's birthday was last Friday! :) Happy Birthday, love! We went out to dinner to Bonefish with his father on Thursday. I was a bit disappointed in the food, to be honest. Was my first time being there. He seemed really excited about his surf and turf tho :D Friday night I got to take him out to Icon, the restaurant on the fifth floor of the Sunsphere overlooking Knoxville :) Was not crowded at all, so it was really fantastic for a quiet dinner together. Especially considering I had no voice from being sick, so I was hard enough to hear as is :d

Like many (if not all) of my friends on Steam, Hunter and I both have obtained copies of Fallout 4, and have been playing relatively nonstop during our free time. It's crazy addicting, and tons of fun. The only gripe I have about the game is related to the power armor. I guess it's kind of neat that they made it sort of special, and almost mech-like, but I'm not a big fan of that concept. Oh well!

I'm really excited for this weekend! Bryan is coming into town to visit, tomorrow is a food holiday, Saturday is the friend group's Thanksgaming potluck, and I'll be running Giantslayer on Sunday! :D

The most intense camping trips are not in tents.