Friday, December 11, 2015


As always, things have been crazy. Unfortunately, a lot of it has had to do with my new house. They were way ahead of schedule for most of it, until Thanksgiving time rolled around, then they decided that they didn't need to work so hard on it anymore. That's why we are where we are now, because we're behind schedule. I was supposed to close on December 9th. 

That didn't happen. 

Then I was supposed to close today. 

That hasn't happened, and won't happen. 

It has been moved to next Friday, but I have been told that that is not going to happen either. 

Instead, it appears that it will be on the 23rd, which was my original contract date. In the end, it will be okay if it happens then. It means no Christmas holiday, rather Christmas moving. As long as I'm not thrown out of my apartment with my cats on the 30th, I'll be a happy camper.

It does mean no Myrtle Beach vacation (21st-23rd) and no Raleigh vacation with Hunter's family (Christmas Eve and Day.) Sad panda times :(

In good past news...!

My friend Bryan came to visit for the Thanksgiving holiday :D

We did a bunch of cooking and nerd shopping mostly! Did get out to do a little geocaching, so he was able to get his 100th cache here in Knoxville :) We went over to my boss' for Thanksgiving dinner so she could interview-not-interview him. I think he'd love it here, and I know we both wanted him to meet her. It went well! And all of the food was absolutely delicious. It was a mix of Venezuelan and American cooking :)

On the Saturday following, Hunter and I hosted a Friendsgiving potluck for Bryan, Balo, Bradd, Sara, and Brock! We provided the turkey and pecan pie; Bryan made his sister's famous stuffing and an oreo mud dessert; Bradd and Sara brought over ham, mini pumpkin bunt cakes, and green bean casserole; Balo brought mashed sweet potato casserole! I'm probably forgetting a whole bunch of other food, because we had pounds of it!

I'd never grilled a turkey before... and while some of it came out kind of black and burnt (we lost a wing!) it was still juicy and delicious. It was massacered by everyone :D

Balo assisted Hunter with a headstand XD

The kitchen looked like backstage at a performance with everyone in all black :)

Unfortunately, Hunter's Saturday game has been on hiatus due to so many other things going on :( Really hoping to pick that back up in the new house!

Giantslayer has been thriving! We have completed the first book as of this past Sunday, and I'm crazy excited to get them started on the second book. I'll have the opportunity to throw in some side quests, and they won't be so terribly locked down in the town any longer :D

Balo's roommate Matt had a birthday last weekend, so they came over to celebrate! We chatted, watched Gay Niggers From Outer Space on YouTube, and did Hunter and my very first Escape Game at Breakout. Matt had wanted to do the Museum Heist, but the next game wasn't until 7pm, so we ended up doing Island Escape... and it was a blast! We beat the local record for it and everything :D I highly recommend playing!

Afterward, we wanted to go out to eat somewhere we all hadn't been, so we ended up at Babalu Tapas and Tacos downtown. We picked out 4 tapas/tacos to share... and everything was pretty delicious :D The duck taco was my favourite by far! It just melted in the mouth... mmmmm ^^ Because it was Matt's birthday, they even brought out a sparkler to attract attention!

Matt and Balo are hilarious when playing competitive games XD

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