Monday, January 4, 2016

Welcome to the 2016

The past couple of years, I've been doing a yearly wrap-up post, and while I won't really go in depth this year, I can sum it up fairly well, I think.
  • I started going back to school.
  • I bought a house.
  • Hunter and I moved in together, and rang in our one year anniversary.
  • Started a podcast with my friends.
I say those are all pretty good things. Other stuff happened too, of course. Not all that good, but that's okay. I'd say 2015 was fantastic.

Definitely looking forward to 2016!

I suppose I will do the obligatory selfies of 2015. Enjy! XP

The end of December went really well. Since my last post, I finally closed on the new house! I was able to move in the weekend before closing, which was definitely a big stress reliever for me. I also have the best of friends, who helped me move the Saturday before. It was a fairly crazy and ever, considering Hunter and I were not in Harley prepared to move that weekend. Since everything had been up in the air for the longest time, I only packed most things. However, the five of us manage to get almost everything out of the apartment in a mere six hours.

Immediately after returning the U-Haul not one minute before it was due, Hunter and I went to dinner at Brazeiros with his father and his side of the family. I hadn't met many of them before, so I'm sure I made a fantastic impression being all gross, sweaty, and under-dressed for such a nice dinner location. It was still a good time though! And they had us over afterward to open gifts. I even got presents! They absolutely made me feel very welcome :)

Hunter and I got to spend two days in a house before going to Raleigh to spend Christmas with his mother's side of the family. I've hung out with all of them before, and they're really great people! We had a blast, playing board games, drinking, and exchanging gifts. They too made me feel so welcome, and I even received gifts there as well! Our visit was relatively short, unfortunately, but Hunter and I had to get back for work, and then I had to leave for Florida for New Years.

We did manage to squeeze in a game of giant slayer, thankfully. Things are going really well there, and the podcast episodes are now being posted with the new microphone! Everyone should listen :)

I made the lonely drive to Florida by myself this past Tuesday. Hunter had to do training for his new job, so he was unable to go. I picked up what I thought was going to be a decent SciFi audio book, The Rowan, but it turned into more of a romance novel :( However, it did make the drive go relatively more quickly.

Several Christmas gift highlights as well: Mom bought me a Roomba! Hunter bought me a drone! :D
It was really great to see Mom, Dad, Jay, and Donna and Mike. We had a really great New Years Eve! I introduced them to two new game, and we played some old favorites.

During my short stay in Gainesville, I also got to have lunch with a few people. Scott and his kids for one; we hit up Burrito Brothers. Oh how that has changed! I'm really glad for them that they have their own building now, but I really miss the walk-up window. I suggested that they just open up a window on the side of the building for the old nostalgia people.

The next day, I got to meet up with Dwyer, Mehdi, and Curtis at Bentos for lunch. Dwyer had to leave as early because he had to go back to work, but Curtis and Mehdi and I hung out for a little while longer. It was really great to catch-up! :)

Best friends are people you don't need to talk to every single day. You don't need to talk to each other for weeks, but when you do, it's as if you'd never stopped talking.