Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Day 11

Last night for dinner we had Hawaiian salmon. We brought back the bacon! Felt like it'd been so long since the last time we had some. Usually it's part of our breakfast, but hasn't been recently since we're without eggs :(

This was so incredibly delicious, and I'm so glad we get to have the remainder of it tonight, but damn... I wish I had cooked the grilled salmon this way as well! So much flavour! And bacon!!

I've been pairing a lot of our meals that don't have veggies in them already with baked zucchini or baked sweet potato. So simple, and so good.

Threw together lunches today, although I wasn't originally planning on cooking. Realized there was nothing for either of us to have tomorrow at work, because I had rearranged the food schedule a bit. Quickly made some not-recipe-Thai chicken with the remains of the cabbage and onion side.

Still no physical changes yet for me. Doesn't seem like I have more energy (not that I felt a lack of before), or have less acne. Seneca brought up an alternative idea for my face, in case the food experiment does nothing for it: filtered shower head.

Seneca is feeling much better now; thank you to those of you who said something :) Still not sure on the cause, potentially all the extra leafy stuff we're eating?

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Day 7

They keep saying it's going to rain, but I don't believe them, because it doesn't! I didn't let the threat stop me from grilling out today! :) One of my favourite things to do, for sure!

Never grilled salmon before, so that was a first :D Mmm look at that smoldering deliciousness.

Turned out marvelously! Didn't have a recipe for that one. Just sliced open a lime to juice it down, hand-oiled the grill with coconut oil, and down the skin side went! The pineapple slices were a remnant from...

... the juice I needed for the chicken kabobs! Left the coconut sugar out of the equation; we're supposed to be limiting it :P Made eight total kabobs, so we have tons of food!

So glad I did, too, because these were fantastic! If you can fit one of each in your mouth at once, it's so beautifully meant to be :)

Just in case we still didn't have enough food, I cooked up something Seneca and I had made with Balo in the past: cabbage, onion, and bacon fat. Yup, that's it (well, okay, I threw in some garlic this time!) So good!

My face acne has cleared up a bit over this past week, but it does typically come and go on a weekly basis. What it looks like next weekend will be the interesting part!

Seneca's been having some tummy troubles, so we're really confused as far as from what. If he's not getting something he does need, or is processing out toxins he'd had couped up in his body for too long. Not really sure :/

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Day 5...

... is cookie day!

Coconut macaroons, made without vanilla extract because it's not AIP.

Did not turn out visually as anticipated, but they are divine! I don't generally care how food looks as long as it tastes great :)

I came across the recipe for banana bread cookies, and had to make them for Seneca (he loves banana bread!) Once again without the vanilla extract, and I replaced palm shortening with coconut oil, cricket flour with arrowroot flour, and tigernut flour with coconut flour (I'm not anti coconut!) I also don't own any of those ingredients.

They look much more like normal cookies, and they also are delicious! Much less sweeter than the other cookies, but that's not a bad thing. Almost tastes like banana bread :)

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Day 4

Last night we had Thai basil chicken for dinner, with some zucchini. So glad I tripled this recipe, because it was very tasty! This will be our lunch for the next couple of days, and not going to be bummed about that at all :)

Breakfast for the next week or so (since I tripled the recipie) will be these olive meat patties. I swapped beef for pork (since I needed it for dinner tonight as well, so I could buy the massive 5 pound bundle), and green olives for the black. Apparently, black olives are canned with sulfate preservatives to retain their colour. I don't care about their colour! It's okay, I think this will turn out great anyway. Has a very Italian flair.

Dinner tonight was squash and ground beef curry with caulirice. I added an onion and used bone broth in place of water, because yum!

Unfortunately, the end result wasn't as fantastic as I was hoping for. Most likely because it's not really curry (we can't use those spices!) Oh well. Still, not terrible!

Tomorrow is another cookie day!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


I made shortbread cookies! (sans the vanilla extra, as it's not AIP-friendly)

They're delicious :) Although, they get a bit harder in the fridge. They are intended to be eaten at room temperature, after all.

Monday, May 22, 2017


Yesterday morning we completed our first big batch of cooking. Our breakfast (ground beef, sweet potato, and onion) was completed with cinnamon and turmeric. Actually ended up turning out really well!

 My blackberry cobbler is one of the simplest and best desserts I've ever made; (of course) Seneca agrees :D

We made about 20 cups worth of bone broth over the day (12 in the morning from the slow cooker, and then another 8 we squeezed out of it by evening.) Per several sites' advice, I roasted the bones first (with olive oil, garlic and onion powders) and since I haven't done this before I can't say if it made the broth "better", but it was extremely rich!

Lunch was tuna (but not tuna) casserole. After previously scoping out all of the cans and pouches of tuna in the grocery store, there's one thing I feel is necessary to share: fuck those cans of garbage. SOY? Are you kidding me? Undoubtedly it's due to them adding soy sauce or something (most cans include vegetable brother and salt, even though they claim the tuna is just in water.) What a bunch of trash! There are a couple of brands that offer straight-up tuna, and of course they are significantly more expensive. But what else costs the same as those cans and pouches? Canned salmon! Which surprisingly is just salmon. Fancy that! Thus, we took it upon ourselves to make salmon casserole instead, and it came out delicious! (Never mind that it had the look and consistency of slop :) )

The immediate thing the broth was used for was beef stew! Which we had for dinner yesterday evening. It was absolutely fantastic. I never thought of using anchovies before, and while I know some people are going to think that's gross, it really just enhanced the flavour of everything else.

The not-tuna casserole will be lunch for today and tomorrow, and the beef stew will be dinner tonight (and there will be a little left over besides, so maybe lunch for one of us another day?) Tomorrow night's dinner will be Thai basil chicken.

Day 1: success! Too early to tell if there's any changes yet, but that knowledge will come soon enough :)

Tea is such a sad substitute for coffee.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

For the Love of Coffee

Tomorrow's the day! Seneca and I picked tomorrow because we're going to a Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ festival today. Clearly, we couldn't enjoy this if we had already started our AIP :)

After the festival tonight, we're going to be making some bone broth in the slow cooker to run overnight (for use in tomorrow's slow cooker dinner: beef stew), Seneca will prepare breakfast (ground beef, sweet potato, onion, and undetermined spice since he can't use what he used to), and I will make blackberry cobbler (since it's his favourite and I haven't made him cookies since we've been back.) However, I just realized our lemon juice has sulfur dioxide in it, so that will need to be remedied first.

It's amazing what's in foods when you start looking at the labels. I've been doing this already, but even things that we are particular about have very non-AIP friendly ingredients. The biggest shock last night while we were at the store: cooking stock has soy and even tomatoes in it. Even unsalted varieties! Gah! Guess we'll be making our own, or using water in its place ~_~

Now, I will go enjoy my last cup of coffee for awhile~

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Not a Post

It's been the longest time in awhile! Not back to begin blogging again really, just here to document and track a new venture Seneca and I are getting into. We've decided to do an elimination diet over the course of the next two months, effectively going through an auto-immune protocol process.

Seneca is already acutely aware of his horrible skin reactions due to grains, and congestion and inflammation because of dairy products. I've wondered if there are food-related reasons to my acne issue I've had my entire life, or if there's some negative way my body has been reacting to foods (like maybe this wrist and hand pain that's crept its way in...)

Having just got back from our cruise, and not going on vacation again for awhile where we'll most definitely eat things we shouldn't, figured this would be the best time to strictly manage what we consume! :)

Currently, we cook mostly Paleo at home, and do our best to eat the same if we go out. While this is already slightly restrictive, some of the foods we'll be removing are in nearly everything, so we'll need to provide all of our own food for ourselves. I already love cooking, especially for both of us, so I'm not too concerned about feeling overwhelmed about not being able to go out to eat for a little over two months.

Starting Sunday morning 5/21, we won't be eating eggs, nightshades (certain "veggies" and spices), legumes (nuts & seeds), any grains, non-grassfed meats, not drinking alcohol, and even furthering limiting/eliminating sugar. Seems a bit daunting at first- what are we going to eat!? Our staple breakfast is half gone (eggs!), I love my chili (alllllll the nightshades), and BEER!

But... it's all for the potentially greater good, right? If it makes either of us feel better or resolve issues (known or not) then it'll be totally worth it! :D