Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Day 11

Last night for dinner we had Hawaiian salmon. We brought back the bacon! Felt like it'd been so long since the last time we had some. Usually it's part of our breakfast, but hasn't been recently since we're without eggs :(

This was so incredibly delicious, and I'm so glad we get to have the remainder of it tonight, but damn... I wish I had cooked the grilled salmon this way as well! So much flavour! And bacon!!

I've been pairing a lot of our meals that don't have veggies in them already with baked zucchini or baked sweet potato. So simple, and so good.

Threw together lunches today, although I wasn't originally planning on cooking. Realized there was nothing for either of us to have tomorrow at work, because I had rearranged the food schedule a bit. Quickly made some not-recipe-Thai chicken with the remains of the cabbage and onion side.

Still no physical changes yet for me. Doesn't seem like I have more energy (not that I felt a lack of before), or have less acne. Seneca brought up an alternative idea for my face, in case the food experiment does nothing for it: filtered shower head.

Seneca is feeling much better now; thank you to those of you who said something :) Still not sure on the cause, potentially all the extra leafy stuff we're eating?