Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Day 4

Last night we had Thai basil chicken for dinner, with some zucchini. So glad I tripled this recipe, because it was very tasty! This will be our lunch for the next couple of days, and not going to be bummed about that at all :)

Breakfast for the next week or so (since I tripled the recipie) will be these olive meat patties. I swapped beef for pork (since I needed it for dinner tonight as well, so I could buy the massive 5 pound bundle), and green olives for the black. Apparently, black olives are canned with sulfate preservatives to retain their colour. I don't care about their colour! It's okay, I think this will turn out great anyway. Has a very Italian flair.

Dinner tonight was squash and ground beef curry with caulirice. I added an onion and used bone broth in place of water, because yum!

Unfortunately, the end result wasn't as fantastic as I was hoping for. Most likely because it's not really curry (we can't use those spices!) Oh well. Still, not terrible!

Tomorrow is another cookie day!