Saturday, May 27, 2017

Day 7

They keep saying it's going to rain, but I don't believe them, because it doesn't! I didn't let the threat stop me from grilling out today! :) One of my favourite things to do, for sure!

Never grilled salmon before, so that was a first :D Mmm look at that smoldering deliciousness.

Turned out marvelously! Didn't have a recipe for that one. Just sliced open a lime to juice it down, hand-oiled the grill with coconut oil, and down the skin side went! The pineapple slices were a remnant from...

... the juice I needed for the chicken kabobs! Left the coconut sugar out of the equation; we're supposed to be limiting it :P Made eight total kabobs, so we have tons of food!

So glad I did, too, because these were fantastic! If you can fit one of each in your mouth at once, it's so beautifully meant to be :)

Just in case we still didn't have enough food, I cooked up something Seneca and I had made with Balo in the past: cabbage, onion, and bacon fat. Yup, that's it (well, okay, I threw in some garlic this time!) So good!

My face acne has cleared up a bit over this past week, but it does typically come and go on a weekly basis. What it looks like next weekend will be the interesting part!

Seneca's been having some tummy troubles, so we're really confused as far as from what. If he's not getting something he does need, or is processing out toxins he'd had couped up in his body for too long. Not really sure :/