Thursday, June 1, 2017

Day 12

After my post yesterday, as the day went on I became progressively more and more light-headed and woozy. Seneca and I were at Kroger around 7pm, and I was having some issues keeping balanced properly. I was pretty hungry, but otherwise didn't feel sick or anything. We stopped at a blood pressure station to see if I was running low, but was normal for me (~98/72). It allowed me to weigh myself and check my body fat percentage, so I went ahead and gave that a whirl. I didn't believe it when it said 119lbs, so I did it again: 120lbs.


I was dumbfounded. Over the past three or so years, I've fluctuated around 130 and 135lbs. I even weighed myself at Seneca's mother's house on Mother's Day, just after getting back from a cruise with unlimited food, and my weight had not changed. There as no way I was going to believe that I'd lost so much weight in about two weeks.

(Oh, and I haven't had my body fat percentage measured in years, but it was 21%, so that was good!)

When Seneca and I got home, and after eating the remains of the delicious salmon, he reviewed my food intake (I've been tracking food consumption for about two years now, for SCIENCE!) Just looking at the past week, it was pretty clear to him where the issue was:

Apparently, I don't eat enough. Now, I will say a 750+ calorie deficit is not my norm, usually it's more around 150-250 (according to whatever FitBit thinks I should be eating every day based upon my activity level.) Seneca is attributing this giant leap of a difference since we started doing AIP, to my sudden drop in weight, since I have basically been malnourishing myself. My body needed to feed upon what reserves I have! Or at least most of those pounds, 3-5lbs of it is more than likely water weight.

I eat until I'm full! It's not like I go hungry... but he still says, I need to eat more. Can't lie that after having a bit of extra sweet potato last night I didn't feel a heck of a lot better. Definitely don't feel that way today, so we'll see how this continues to go.

This afternoon for lunch, I cooked up what will be our breakfast for the next few days: "Moroccan" breakfast skillet. Now, it wouldn't be an Ashley dish if I didn't replace something, so the pork was replaced with beef, and chard with spinach (since we always have that on hand.)

It's very different than other dishes I've had, and I thought it was quite tasty :)

While its ingredients are quite similar to what we had for dinner, they were completely different in taste (and texture!) I ran carrot and sweet potato "chili" in the slow cooker all day today for dinner. Added in some oregano, since it was a bit short on spices.

It was definitely more like beef soup, not just because of how liquid-y it was, but because there literally is nothing "chili" about this. Just call it soup; it's okay! It was still pretty good :)