Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Day 18

Accidentally made dinner for breakfast (oops!) The recipe was just straight-up meat! It tricked me :) Oh well, not like it really matters! I made a pork pesto skillet. The store was out of fresh basil, so I had to finagle with dried. Turned out fantastically anyway!

Overall, so flavourful. Even Seneca (the man with no sense of smell and little taste) thought so! :)

Speaking of flavourful foods, made the blackberry cobbler again last night. It's too good and too easy to not have time and time again :) Also, going to make the Hawaiian salmon tonight for dinner. I guess it's easy to tell what our favourite recipes have been!

Seneca didn't end up feeling itchier the rest of the day, so we don't believe it's tied to the eggs. Tomorrow morning we'll be having our "normal" breakfast, so he'll have two whole eggs. We'll see how that goes!