Sunday, November 17, 2013


Been a busy couple of weeks!  After the Food and Wine Festival in Orlando, Mike and I drove up to Knoxville to check out apartments!  We stayed in 2 Embassy Suites (one in Chattanooga and the other in Knoxville) for free- Thanks Mom!!

Trekked around Knoxville an entire Saturday looking at apartments.  Only one was pretty bad, and some were a little too nice.  Sunday, we awoke and drove to Columbia to see his older brother, and then returned home.

Went bowling with Topher and others for his going away party.

Went out to dinner at Chopstix with Mike, Dwyer, Mehdi, Curtis, Michelle, their new baby, Potocki and Lady Potocki for my sendoff :)  Also went to Ker's Wing House with Mike and Scott before I left town :)  That place was okay.  Kind of like Hooter's, but still not as delicious!

Spent a lot of time (and money -_-;; ) making sure my condo was in tip-top shape to be rented out.  Mike, Dwyer, Mehdi, my Mom, Dad, and Donna all came over on a Saturday to help me fill up my ABF U-Pack trailer (a service which I HIGHLY recommend!)  It's awesome having friends and family who care :D

When the trailer was initially dropped-off, I was intimidated by how large it was!  (That's what she said.)  I felt obnoxious on my street with how big it was... but I ended up using exactly how much space was pre-determined for me (10' out of the 28' trailer.)  Thought we had everything packed up pretty securely... (and Doc helped...)

Bye bye trailer!

Had to take down my second bedroom's 'wallpaper.'  Luckily, it came off pretty much in one piece.  Just did some clean-up afterward, and painted over it!  Mike didn't care much for the color (turned out kind of pea-greenish) but it was the only color I had that wasn't the gray from the living room area, and I sure as hell wasn't about to go buy more paint!

Moved into Mike's house for my last week in Gainesville.  The kittens took to it fairly quickly.  Ayla like hiding in the bathroom through, I think she saw it as a perfect vantage point (behind the door she could see down the hallway, in case anyone came by to pet her :P )

Last Thursday (the 7th) I left Mike's around 5, kittens and all my things packed up in the car.  Drove up to Atlanta, where we spent the night in a very nice Sheraton :)  The kittens did really well!  I expected Ayla to cry the entire ride, but Doc was the only one who pepped up about an hour before we made it to the hotel.  Ayla chimed in after Doc had been going on a bit, but they both settled into the hotel quickly.  I didn't sleep much, was worried Ayla would do her business on the bed :/  Both kittens remained well-behaved the rest of the drive up to Knoxville, though :)

Got them into the apartment fairly quickly.  I had to do an initial inspection of the place, at which point I took advantage and got them out of the car so they could wander about their new home.  My trailer beat me to the apartment complex, but the unpackers I hired were a little late :(  Thankfully, they were super efficient, and we had everything out of the trailer and into the apartment in just 2 hours!

Some stuff had been dinged up from the trailer (and the unpackers were surprised that my glass patio table didn't break), but for the most part everything was okay.  One of my bottles of bleach had leaked a bit, and ate away a box, but nothing was damaged.  And the DVD racks appeared as though they had been destroyed, but I was able to salvage 3 of the 4 :)

Didn't spend much time that Friday getting things unpacked.  Saturday and Sunday I got most essentials assembled and set up around the apartment.  Did a little bit of driving exploration.  Found the 'Archer Rd' of West Knoxville- and it's only about a 5 minute drive down the road! :)  And while I compare it to Archer Rd, it's really more like Archer Rd on steroids XD  It'll definitely do! :D

My first week at work went really well!  My officemate Chris is pretty cool (big gamer), and my boss Franciel is super nice and helpful.  Everyone else around the office have been nothing but kind and friendly to me :)  Even got an invite to one of my coworker's family Thanksgiving dinner on my first day in the office :D  I won't be heading down to Gainesville for the holiday, so it'll be nice to have somewhere to be :)  Been learning a lot of Drupal and PHP.  Definitely lots of work to be done, but having tons of fun so far :D

Yesterday I completed all of the unpacking, everything's in its place around the apartment :)  I have lots of space left (it's definitely larger than my condo), but it is still starting to feel very homey :D  Have plenty of room for Mike's things, once he gets a job and moves up here.  Until then... it's me and then kitten-cats!