Thursday, June 27, 2013

Insert cliche here (done!)

Former Xanga'n here, moving since they're moving (well, to a paid model, so the rumor is.)  Going to give this Blogger a shot.  It's Google, so it's probably just another aspect of the monopolitizing potential evil Skynet-like company, amirite?

Anyway, had this post all written and ready for Xanga, just going to post it here instead...

This whole bag incident at work has been ridiculous.  LeAnn and her father who own the business together (presumably? or she needed her daddy to come with her to talk with me), came down with the sole intent of taking my bag to get it repaired by someone where they live.  After a heated argument between myself and LeAnn's father, where he did nothing but talk down to me and insult my officemate Lisa, I gave it up to them.  There was nothing else I could do.  It has since been repaired, and was brought back to me yesterday afternoon. They didn't even bother attempting to replace the strap, which I told them they wouldn't be able to any way because it would only damage the bag.  So effectively, they just took the bag for a week to do nothing and tell me it's an old piece of crap bag anyway, and that I must just be trying to get a new bag out of them because they did nothing to it.  Ugh.  The incident has since been escalated up through a portion of my workplace chain, but whether or not anything will come from that I have no idea.
And while I entirely believe myself to be a better person than she is, I did look-up their website.  Tempted to comment all over their Facebook/Twitter pages, but I won't.  Not right now anyway.  Can't promise anything a few beers in.
Anyway, with that out of the way...
Happy Birthday to my darling kitten!  Ayla is now a year old :D

Mike and I went to the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens!  He'd never been, and I hadn't been since I was 16.  We walked around and had a wonderful time :D

Picture of where Mike was born:

Yay reflections! :P

This was my favourite plant.  I want one :D

This kitten had the life.  All the plants, shade, sun, food, and water it could ever want.

My finger has been getting better.  I can actually make a fist now!  And when I woke up the other morning, even after wearing the brace all night, it wasn't as stiff as it used to be.  Progress!  I had a therapy session today and signed up for one more in 2 weeks!  Apparently, I blew away all the goals as far as strength and flexing is concerned for the next two sessions.  I'll see Dr. Sharkey, and then go to my (possibly) last therapy session.  Woo!  I took a picture today of me playing with putty.  Oh the things I get to do instead of being at work :)

I think I'm about ready to ride my motorcycle again.  I can utilize the clutch without issue while sitting on my back porch.  Almost took it out for a ride on Monday, but I figured I'd give myself another week to heal up.  Want to get back into rockclimbing so bad, as well.  Would probably help strengthen my finger, so long as I don't further injure myself.
Got Mike into Rift a little bit, we've been tooling around with it :)  Been playing the crap out of Terraria, although we were playing with his friend Cory, but I have a feeling that won't be happening much anymore... but that's for good reasons, nothing bad!  The new Borderlands 2 DLC just came out, but we haven't started playing it yet.  Last night we were busy working on...

Our Pathfinder characters!  Mike's friend David decided to start a Pathfinder game, to which he invited Mike, Chance, Danielle, Sammy, and myself.  I decided to go with half-elf rogue, Mike's a gnome summoner, Danielle is an elven(?) cleric, Chance is a dwarven cavalier, and Sammy is an elven ranger.  We created characters on Sunday, but some of the finer details still needed to be hammered-out, so Mike and I (nearly) finished that last night.  I think he still has some tinkering to do, but he has time before we play again on Friday.  We did start a little bit of the game, just introductions and getting thrown together into a group.  I'm super excited to be playing again!  Well, any RP table-top game really, even though I've never played Pathfinder.  It's a shame I didn't pick up a rogue female figurine to paint.  I've only got my arcane trickster, paladin, and blind monk-like ones.  Maybe I will sometime...
I do have plenty of painting to be doing anyway.  My ships and harlequins for 40k, and then finishing Sepheria, starting the other two...

Oh, I've got lots of studying to do this weekend...! :)


This one's for Nestor, anyone who's friends with him on XBox will understand:

Brenda at work shared the cutest Lilo and Stitch meme with me the other day.  Love it!!

Mom won a gallon of Tabasco sauce and gave it to Mike... :o

This was posted at my workplace, and describes it quite succinctly :P