Tuesday, September 10, 2013

He's speaking DRAMONIC!

Had today off from work today to work on my mysterious side project. It's going swimmingly, although I felt kind of meh about it today. Ready for it to be done with. Made me uninterested in even playing video games today, gasp!

Pathfinder is going to end soon. Our DM David has to go back to law school in about 3 more play sessions; means no time to lead our little chucklebutts around. Sigh. My campaign had a little revival game that went well (I think, anyway.) I don't have anything for-sure planned for them, but I definitely have ideas. Could get a little dicey for them (but I'm sure they'd argue it already is all the time.) That is given we can find a time we can all play. Maybe we'll take Friday over once Pathfinder is done?

Speaking of maybes, I've been practicing drawing a bit. Perhaps I'll share some of them here in hopes that they'll cause someone else's eyes to bleed instead of just mine.

My fantasy football team made a whole 51 points this week. Sweet. /sarcasm

Haven't played Remember Me in awhile, and haven't started New Vegas. I probably could've done that today as well. Just feel so mentally exhausted.

Mike has a friend creating an archway above his driveway. Somehow, I didn't feel any more welcome than usual.

 I didn't even know this existed. It was okay, not bad. Would prefer normal Yuengling, or Sam Adams' Oktoberfest.

Relaxing kitten. She's due for her shot updates. I'm sure she'll be excited for that news.

 Sorry this post wasn't very exciting (like they ever are.) Mehhhhh.