Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I brought all of my Bibles

 I had to think something, didn't I?  I can't remember if it was a comment here, or something I just thought to myself one day, but suddenly I am being afflicted by insomnia once again.  Seems to be getting worse each night.  Typically, Mike and I will watch an episode of something on Netflix just prior to going to sleep.  Normally if I watch anything that late at night (between 930 and 11) I will pass out almost immediately.  Not as of recently.  Instead, I'm wide awake, even 2 episodes later.  Last night was the worst yet- if I'm having issues falling asleep I can usually put myself to sleep playing a game of Sudoku or Hanjie on my phone.  Not last night.  Took at least an hour of hanjie after an episode of Burn Notice to finally drift off.  And it's not that I'
m not tired, I am.  Bleh.

While I lay there not being able to fall asleep, I start thinking about mortality.  That there are so many things I want to do, or become proficient at, or want to see.  Makes me feel like I should be up doing or working on something.

With my recent acquisition of RPG Maker, I've decided that I should also put a firm focus on learning to draw.  I've dabbled in the past, but I've never thought I was very good, probably because I never put much effort into it.  Always assumed you had to be gifted with the ability.  Just like RPGM, I'm going to put effort into it, and really push myself.  I want to be able to contribute at least some art to the games I'm going to put together for the DnD campaign.

Last night was the Fantasy Football draft with my co-workers.  Didn't get all the people I was hoping for (but that's normal I think for everyone who plays), but I'm optimistic :)

Scott was at Bentos for the draft last night, and he's still showing interest in playing more of my DnD campaign.  Jon (Jennifer from work's husband) would also like to play.  He had made a paladin before, but hadn't gotten to play.  I told them if we had a day we could play then I'm sure Mike, Kristin, and Joe would play, too.  So maybe we'll pursue that again.  There definitely was plenty more for them to do.  My plan was for the rest of the campaign to be an RPGM game (you know, once I got better with using the program.)  I still want to see if I can translate it into an RPGM game eventually, even if they miraculously finish out the campaign :)

Finished off the achievements I wanted to in Dragon Age yesterday.  The game was okay.  I think I pinpointed exactly what rubbed me the wrong way about it- it was so buggy.  Mike said he didn't have problems with the game (that he could remember), but I had numerous issues with combat especially.  People would opt not to attack even after I told them to, people would get stuck on random invisible objects, and I'd have to wait at least 5 minutes after killing something to be able to loot it.  When I ran through all of the intro stories yesterday, I also had several issues with doors that were supposed to unlock after enemies were killed that wouldn't unlock.  I had to do a bunch of extra running around to get them to open (during which I wouldn't kill or touch anything.)  They would just magically open!  Bleh.

Started Remember Me.  Enjoying that :)  I was nervous about the game, since I heard you only get to do 3 memory remixes throughout the game.  They so far have made up for that with other neat features.  Particularly enjoying the build-your-own-combo-based combat.  Probably pick up New Vegas again as my long-term RPG.  I barely got started before, so I'll just start over entirely.  Mike downloaded all of the DLC onto my Xbox, so that'll be fun :)

Mike and I haven't played much Rift, been playing Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 instead.  I'm sure I'm driving him mad with all the Lego games XD  Lego Marvel should be out soon!

No Pathfinder Friday! :(  However, DnD will be on... apparently!