Saturday, April 18, 2015

I have penguins too

Was in Gainesville last weekend for Kristin and Joe's wedding. Mom had an Easter basket waiting for me :)

Came down Thursday night, Friday I worked until it was time to go participate in the rehearsal. Of course, I had to stop by Mega on the way and pick up 2 more expansion packs for Red Dragon Inn ;)

Ran through the walking in/walking out of the ceremony twice, and set up the reception area.

Met up with Kristin and two other bridesmaids at the salon the next morning. I've never had my hur did before, and it was definitely an interesting experience! Turned out nicely tho :)

During that time, the Maid of Honor had stepped down due to sickness-related reasons. Hopefully she's feeling better now! Next up was Kristin's house to meet up with everyone else and rush to get ready (make-up, hair, and whatnot.)

I was beginning to dread my shoes, and only put them on for pre- and post-pictures, and the ceremony. Didn't stumble once! Totally thought my legs were going to collapse after awhile tho XD

 Mileka was in charge of getting Kristin's panties on...

Jumped reception tables from people I didn't know to Curtis and Michelle's. Was nice catching up with them. Also hung out with Scott quite a bit. Was missing on Hunter pretty bad throughout :(

Congratulations to the new married couple! (It's about time!)

Happy to be home... and had a great Wednesday night board game night. Hunter, Balo, Brock, Sara, Trae, and Rae all came over for a round of Red Dragon Inn and then a full game of Arkham Horror... which we won! :D

Unfortunately for this weekend, on my way out once again :/

Distance means so little when someone means so much.